Faces of a Little Lady in Timbu. We Ate Potatoes in Her House!

Her name is Tenzen Angmu Lama, 6. She studies at grade 1 in a local school (Kakani Primary Schoo). When we reached her home in search of food on the second day of the trip, she was playing with herself. Her mother kindly agreed to boil potatoes for us after we requested and told her that we were really hungry and needed to eat anything that was possible to make at that point in time. A hotel nearby was closed and we were very hungry. No other homes were nearby, only a dense jungle was ahead of us.

The potatoes were superb, especially the mixture of piro piro nun-khursani, timbur and lasun. We ate tanna aalu and expected to have severe reactions of chilly the next day! Thankfully, the reaction was much milder than we had expected. Here I present faces and expressions of little lady who shoed us her text books and interacted with us as if we here her family members. She was really a nice little host.

She writes her name in our notebook.