Om Shanti Om: No Shah Rukh No

Eye on Bollywood: My first choice for the day was Saawaria by Sanjay Leela Bhansali but ended up with Om Shanti Om (second in the list, by Farah Khan). I definitely do not regret watching it but there is no question that I will remember it for long: it’s just another masaladar Hindi film.

This is not a review of the Om Shanti Om but my personal impression. I am disappointed for I spent Rs. 100 (and other expenses like coffee and bus fare to the theater) for the movie, spent almost three hours of my time on the day of Laxmi Pooja (for the film) when people sing and dance beautiful bhailos. I had thought the film would be dealing with something very new, fresh drama. Only thing I loved about the movie was: the smile of Deepika Padukone, the lady who plays opposite to Shah Rukh Khan. She is too beautiful (or presented as such) and at times that becomes the problem. Even when she is supposed to show anger and be angry, she can’t. She just looks like a sweet little doll.

The film, as expected, completely depends on Shah Rukh Khan, the star. I had expected a lot of acting, real acting, from his part. I would not say he didn’t give his best in the move his wife produced, but I would say that I was expecting something more from him.

I think that there is this irony when it comes to dealing with fictions. Even when they know that the movie that they are seeing or the novel that they are reading is a work of fiction, viewers/readers try to relate the story with their real life. I feel that the film team (including director Farah Khan) could have found a better story than this (in which the lead character remembers his past life). I read an interview of Shah Rukh last week in which he says that he likes make the characters he is playing such that the viewer in the theater could easily identify with it. That’s a nice idea but I wonder how many would like to see themselves dead so as to have a successful life in the next life.

Some parts of the movie will entertain the crowd but I found the song Deewangi Deewangi totally ridiculous. I don’t know what the director has tried to do by showing too many Bollywood faces in the track. But then it is ridiculous in itself to ask questions against masala in Bollywood films. I will not surprise if the film becomes a hit because I don’t think I represent the general Bollywood audience but I will not suggest anyone to go to the theater to watch it.

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16 thoughts on “Om Shanti Om: No Shah Rukh No

  1. Zade

    Your first choice Saawariya hasn’t got any better reviews too.Its a story you can easiy guess by merely watching the promos too. Sonali is beautiful (haven’t seen the movie to talk of acting) and the songs should be good too. And for Om shanti Om I couldn’t disagree more. One can rather rent a cd or dvd and watch it back home than go to the theatres if they badly want to see it. But some parts did make me laugh a lot (the first half) the second was a horror. However if you go to the hall after watching Farah Khann say its a larger than life portrayal of everything then it helps. The Akshya kumar’s “Return of Khiladi” was real funny too.

    And more than the song “Deewangi” I think the one in which the entire story of the film is sung is ridiculous! I mean who would want to listen to that song outside the hall, its utterly meaningless. Anyways seeing Shah Rukh’s body in the big screeen was good! It was some body show there. Ma ta danga paren ni!! 🙂 But I agree its a waste of money.

    I hope the Quest entertainment guys put up something good now. If they would read this entry I would suggest them to put up “The Brave One” starring Jody Foster, some kickass action.


  2. rEaLiTy BiTeS

    I haven’t seen both sabariya and om, shanti om. And I decided not to see it from this blog critics. Hopefully, I am waiting for KAGABENI. Please , if u know something about releasing this film , I am waiting .


  3. Wagle

    My friend and a great Bollywood fan (and critic) Sudeep Shrestha told me this morning that Saawaria was jhan jhoor. Yesterday I was watching Channel V and the lead girl on the movie Sonan Kapoor was telling that she was soooo proud that her father Anil Kapoor, a Bollywood star, pulled strings so that Sanjay Leela Bhansali the director would consider her for the role in Saawaria.

    I have decided not to watch the movie, after watching the Sonan Kapoor hosted Channel V show, for this reason: Sonam didn’t get the role on her own; she got that because her father was in such a position to provide her the platform. I don’t want to promote such kids who become stars standing on the shoulders of their parents.


  4. human

    i liked the song deewani deewani very much, just for the reason that i got to see the faces of many stars at a time, among which many of them had already disappeared from my mind.


  5. Wagle

    To be honest (and as I have stated in my post above) I found that very song ridiculous. You don’t go to theaters to see stars of Bollywood assembeled into one movie song (at least I don’t); you want a good story, plot executed via quality acting and the expressions. But then as I also say in my write up that I don’t represent the majority of Bollywood viewers who might find the song, as you felt, entertaining. Audiences in this region, especially in the Indian subcontinent, are obsessed with Bollywood stars that they even consider them as Gods.


  6. Reader

    I had seen the promos and was very eager to watch the movie. Despite the fact that I knew I was going to waste my money, I had gone for the movie for one scene BHAGOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That was too funny, I don’t know if movie will be a hit or flop, but am sure for one thing that OK dialog will make a remark.

    One thing I found very funny, the movie was making joke of the Hindi film industry. Superstar goes four hour late for shooting, he does not have any manners while talk to director, producer. And the directer is such a fool who does not have any idea of film making. Is Bollywood like this? Are superstars like that?

    Well, Farah failed to entertain audience. She tried to make audience fool with the crap story of rebirth!


  7. Wagle

    The BHAGOOOOOOOOOOOOO! scene was funny like a few others like, as Zade mentions, “The Return of Kheladi”.

    To answer rEaLiTy BiTeS question about Kagbeni, I remember reading a report in Kantipur probably a week ago that quoted Bhushan Dahal the director (of the film that has been touted as the first digital Nepali film) as saying that that will be released next month in both Nepal and India. The film has been able to create the hype around it very well (which is good for any film that hopes to be successful commercially). It remains to be seen if the story and the overall package of the movie will impress the audiences. I hope it does better in the box office because that would provide a new window of opportunity to the ailing Nepali film industry. The question is will they screen the movie in many other theaters in Kathmandu and across the country like in Pokhara, Dharan, Jhapa etc or just in fancy and expensive theaters like Jay Nepal and Kumari. [The Managers of those two hip theaters are the producers of Kagbeni.]

    I have learned that not all theaters are equipped with the digital technology that is needed to screen the films like Kagbeni. That’s one major obstacle for the film to reach the mass. If the film is appreciated only by the upper middle class audience (read those who go for documentaries, understand English and are rich enough to pay for Rs. 200 for the tickets) and rejected by the mass (who can’t really afford Rs. 200 for ticket, don’t understand English very well and are the real audiences of the main stream Nepali feature films), then Kagbeni will fail in terms of uplifting the quality of Nepali cinema.

    I will certainly go to watch Kagbeni not because I want to see a digital Nepali film but because I hope it will be able to redefine the Nepali filmmaking and attract the mass audiences.


  8. rEaLiTy BiTeS

    Thanks 🙂 for information about releasing time of Kagbeni.Best wishes for Kagbeni,and it would be next CARAVAN from NePaL. No matter the costly for audience and popularity commercially, but hopefully, it should be expected the increased the quality of Nepali film in certain heights. then……..real digitalised films ……….are on the nepali market………
    Thanks. 🙂


  9. Adnan

    Totally rediculous movie of the year 2007. Financialy it is doing good but it create a bad image of Farah and Shahrukh for the future offerings. Please ShahRukh and Farah, never do it again.


  10. abish

    well, OSO ‘tasted’ different. a good movie to watch once… who’s going to watch it twice anyway!
    (p.s: i didn’t spend rs.100 though!)


  11. Samyam Wagle


    Om Shanti Om happened to be biggest block buster for Bollywood’s king Shah Rukh Khan. He had been facing flops as producer but this made him billionaire and he just paid advanced tax of Rs 2.7 crore. But it was not intellectual film. It is just for fun and emotions of such films won’t remain long in our heart. But the vivid presentation it depicts of the 70’s era is awesome. Plot could have been much better but revolved on some childish issue of threatening Arjun Rampal to bark truth.
    If you are serious in literature and want serious and genuine films then Sanjaya Leela Bhansali is the best story teller and presenter who can make anyone cry. He is already noted by world from his superb work in BLACK and DEVDAS and early two films as KHAMOSI and HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM. When stars act in his film, they get filmfare awards! Look as Aishwarya Rai getting twice, SRK from Devdas, Madhuri, Amitabh Bachchan and Rani from BLACK and many more.
    Saawariya and OSO were rivals when released and OSO earned much but Saawariya was good than OSO. But may be due to SRK power or promotion or comedy, it went up. But no worry, that doesn’t SLB down. Simply look at those unique styles of him. His sets are always unique, actress acting of crying, laughing, tragedy, comedy. This was also superb as plot was limited because this was drawn from short story “FOUR NIGHTS”. He has extracted best from debutants Ranbir Kapoor and gorgeous Sonam Kapoor.



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