After a Month in Karnali, I am Back in Kathmandu

I am back in Kathmandu. I came here on the last day of February flying from Jumla to Nepalgunj and from there to Kathmandu. I was in Karnali for a month (February). I did travel the Karnali Highway (Jumla-Surkhet) twice this time. From Jumla to Surkhet and from Surkhet to Jumla. I also went to a village in Achham following young boys who were returning from India after working at a cricket stadium constructing site in Nainital.

I had traveled the highway (from Jumla to Surkhet) six months ago.

3 thoughts on “After a Month in Karnali, I am Back in Kathmandu

  1. sangesh shrestha

    HI Dinesh hi

    I really like your story on thoese Kids who return back from india and the one about the driver. I loved the way you have written that story including ferrari, sumi and all. I wish to cover some such story in my blog too, planing to go somewhere soon for a trek hope iw ill find one story. Any way great job, haha may be some day i can request you to take me with you for such trip like Karnali, I am really excited to visit such place after erading Karna Shakya’s sooch and Harka Gurung’s Maile dekheko Nepal.



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