Fatalism And Development. The Book.

All photos by Yogesh Khatiwada

I have posted the photos of me looking for, finding and buying the much acclaimed book Fatalism and Development by anthropologist Dor Bahadur Bista who has gone missing since 1997.

My article about the first impression of the book (and hearsay about the writer’s disappearance) will come out in Nepali in the newspaper in the next few days. I will link to the article once it comes out and might translate some paragraphs if I find time. Anyone willing to volunteer for the translation is welcome (I can send you the article in advance!).

DW with a copy of Fatalism and Development

At the Orient Longman stall, Dinesh Wagle looks for a hard cover copy of Dor Bahadur Bista’s famous book Fatalism and Development: Nepal’s Struggle for Modernism.

And DW finds the book

Pay time: DW pays for the book.

Perhaps some change

And waiting for the receipt of the payment while trying to figure out the shape and size of the book.