@ Java. Latte and Mocha.

Java...the Coffee House

Who: Me, Dinesh Wagle.
Where: Himalayan Java Coffee House, Thamel, Kathmandu.
When: These photos were taken last week.
What: A cup of Latte and another of Mocha.
The Other Who: Suraj Kunwar took the photos.

Java...the Coffee House



Java...the Coffee House

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6 thoughts on “@ Java. Latte and Mocha.

  1. pml

    relaxing with a coffee is really a nice experience. that also in java ( as u said in ur article ” coffee house ki keti” ) , must be a real holiday , enjoy d coffee n i think sometimes it wil be better to see ur pal also as u used to mention his name times n again in ur article. bye.


  2. masayo

    Wow wow,Dinesh you seems you ‘ve got way way too much cafaine.
    I was there just a couple of days ago.. a nice cool place to have my ` tall-skinny- latte’


  3. LISA

    Dinesh u r just AWESOME,I mean who doesn’t love reading about you???
    Well ,Suraj Kunwar is really handsome guy,More hansome than I had expected I must say!!!His acrobatic pose were actionpacked,& his photography is great.Looking forward to enjoy both of yours beautiful Snaps.
    Lots Of Love to u both!!!
    From LISA


  4. Bjoern Terje Wagle

    Tell me the best places to “HANG OUT”, Greetings from stavanger in Rogaland county Norway. Best Regards to You Dear Dinesh, from Bjoern-Terje Wagle Have a happy elecktions, i wote fore Macaine.



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