Toy Train 2

Hmm it works but I mourn da diapearance of my first detailed entry. Here I try to recall dat:

We’ll I can’t recall. Mind became blank 😦 anyway as train is moving slowly negotiating it’s narrow trail with great care (so as not to slide over da hills).

Pooouuuuuhh! That’s the sound the rail produces frequently along with the famed chuk-chuk and tssssyaaa noise.

Funny thing is this train has to struggle with da road traffic at times as da rail track goes along side da highway and at several places crosses it. Sometime the train has to be backed (reverse gear perhaps) for reasons like it has to be taken to the Station (as in Kharsang) or the train cimpng from opposite direction has to be given space! After all, this is a toy train.

To be contd..