Goa, Again!

The First Day:

The following post details the events happened on 9th July. It was written on the same day and posted on 11 July.

July 9: So today, we arrived in Goa. I was here in last October. But not in the famous Anjuna beach where we are staying tonight.

Instead of taking bus from Londa today morning as we had planned, we took the 9:30 am train to Margao (Madgaon) that left Londa at 10:30. We arrived in Madgaon station @ 1:30 pm. After eating Dal/Bhat/Sambhar in a vegeterian restaurant near the Secreteriat Building, we took the bus to Panjim, the capital of Goa. From there, we could take bus to Anjuna. Or so we were told by a truck driver we met in the train. But there’s no direct bus to Anjuna from Panjim. So the trail was: Panjim to Mapusa to Anjuna.

After doing a deal for room, we went to the beach. A three-minute walk. Surprisingly it wasn’t the kind of sandy beach we had expected. It’s full of big rocks and the rocks were full of gangatas! Walking barefoot over those rocks was challenging partly because some were slippery while many of them had very very rough surface.

The Second Day:

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