Anjuna, Goa. [Second Day]

The following photos were taken in Kolva Beach, Goa, the Cafe Coffee Day near the beach and in Madgaon train station.

@Madgaon Train Station, Goa

The following post details the events happened on 10-11 July.

10 July: Second day in Goa. We woke up at 9 am and headed to the beach at 10. There was a photography session and playing with the sea water which was dirty and filthy and of course salty! The waves were pretty strong and we tried to challenge them taking help of a rock. Futile effort. One wave almost took Gokul away. It was scary.

We also climbed the hilltop that originated from the beach and went up to several meters. Climbing was relatively easy and we posed for camera with whole lot of creativity!

Arrived in the train station on Margao to carch the 5:25 train to Bombay. We had to change theree buses to come here from Anjuna (to Mapusa to Panjim to Margao to Station). Then these tweets:

1. Waiting for the train to Bombay @Margao station. Last time I spent 5 hrs here reading 1 nite @ da call center. Dis time, have 2.5 hrs.

2. After waiting 4 2hrs, we came 2 no train is late by 5hrs coz heavy rain in Kerala. Nw headin 2 Kolva beach!

3.In the same Cafe Coffee Day in Kolva beach where I was in October 🙂 same black forest and same cafe latte!

4. What an evenin, seductively beautiful, in Kolva beach, Goa! Drizzling soo nicely outside dat it’s so diff 2 hold myself inside the cafe :-).

5. BryanA talks of summer of ’69 from da corner speakr. I feel like writin abt dis years dis summer 🙂 kaas main songwriter hota :-).

6. Ok, this is a sea tweet! Sea water is touching my feet and it feels heavenly in this darkness to c only the sparkle of the waves!!

7. Back in station frm beach. Train got delayed by another 2 hrs. Mite come @1am! Sims like this station likes me. Last time waited here 4 4hrs.

8. Platform scene: sm ppl playin cards on floor, sm sleeping, sm on chairs talkin. A dog, seated near, is watching me as m tweetin.

9.It’s 1am n we r tlod da train’s late by another hour! This is first time m experiencing this n not really complaining but somewhat enjoying!

10.Finally inside the train @2:30am and there’s no numbering of the Sleeper Class compartments in this ‘special edition’ train :-).