Bombay! Second Edition

This post talks about events happened in July 11 (yesterday, the first of our two days in Bombay):

Last time when I woke up inside a Goa-Bombay train compartment, I was in Victoria Terminus (CST), right in the heart/lung/or whatever of the city. That was in October last year. This time, on Saturday 11 July afternoon, I got off at Kalyan Junction, sub-urban Bombay from Goa-Bombay train.

From there we went to Bandra in a local train as we were scheduled to catch 12 July train to Delhi from there. Then, after booking a hotel room and eating in a Dhaba outside, we went to Marine Drive in a local train.

Here are the tweets from Bombay. Some of them migh sound too cryptic. I’ll elaborate them, along with relevant pictures, in the next few days:

1. 12 hours after boarding train in Margaon, arrived in Mumbai. The Konkan region via which train came reminded me of some parts of Nepal.

2. Kalyan to Bandra via Dadar in a local train. Lot of English speaking course adverts on the walls and railings.

3. Hotel near Bandra station, deal done, food eaten, now ready to roam around. Destination: Church Gate. Thank god, we’ve Lonely Planet India!

4. 1 thing that’s common all over India except perhaps in Kanyakumari is CROWD. Massive crowds. Nw in ‘first class’ dibba of local train 2 CG.

5. Talked in Russian wit an indian boy impersonating hmself russian in MD.fake Russian! Marine drivosti goodrosti, sea beautiflosti, nojystri!!

6.Breaking Tweet. A 1st: Muslim couple clad in Mslm cap n burka holdin, huggin, cudlin. Sims like dat’s da 1ly couple religiously identifiable.

7. Now inside Mocha that serves, yes, coffee. But we just ordered Hookah! Inside smokin room, waitin for Hukka! Hukkaaa merooo ho ho!!!!

8. Dat tweet was composed 1/2 hr ago. Done wid hookah and we r waitin for espresso.

9. That exorbitantly priced Hooka wasn’t really THE hooka but some mild variant of that thing. But it was fun.

Next day (12 July) Tweets and photos