Bombay. Day II

Crossing the Bombay sea bridge

Here is first part of this entry and photo album

10. Wondering where’s Sandra in Bandra 🙂 [btw, dats interesting documentry screened in Film South Asia some yrs ago.

11. The great Indian railway bazaar, as appeared in yesterday’s Kathmandu Post:

12. Inside a local train to VT. Destinations: Gateway of India and Colaba area. Then to Bandra-Worli sea bridge. No time 4 Dharavi though.

13.Frm dis local train, tall, grand Mumbai buildings r cnstantly blokd by view of filthy slums,horribly dirty railway track-side hms. Contrast.

14.Railway track’s so ‘unmumbai’, it fils like travelin in path full of shit n other dirts. Parts of same city dat boasts Marine Dive skyline.

15.Eatery Aarey Sarita near GWoI playin Radio City FM: old hindi romantic Nos. Samosa r sooo big, Gokul said: Vayanak samosa yar!

16.Bus drivers n conductors exceptionally helpful. Tell abt bus systems nicely. 1 driver in VT wanted me 2 take his pic, gave his postal addrs!

17. In public bus 2Haji Ali. Bought Rs20 “Dainandin(daily) Magic Pass” tkt, lets 1 travl all over in Bombay Transport buses 4 day. Like dis idea.

18.Worli-Bandra sea brdg kidher hey bhaiya? I ask paanwallah. A guy buyin paan responds: 20 mins walkin, Rs 20 in cab. Turns out, he’s cabbie!

19.Crossed Mumbai sea link. Cabbie, frm Azamgarh, UP, nice fellow, says hasn’t faced Shiv sena, Raj Thakre wrath. Has Sena stickr on windscreen.

20.Juju beach. Was better in October. Now Filthy.

21.Bak2 Bandra. Autowallah frm Debusarai, Bihar. “Dekhiye, koi khas prblm nai he [north Indians ko Mumbai main]”. Runing in metr, rare in dilli.

22. Correction 3 earlier tweet: it’s Juhu beach, not juju. Juju dhau= bhaktapur’s dahi (curd)!!!

23. Finally, Seat no. 9, S2, Bandra-H. Nizamuddin Samparka Kranti Express! Destination: Jangpura Extention, New Delhi, 110014 (by tomorrow 1pm).

24. Good bye Bombay. Feri Bhetunla (c u again)!