wagah border india pakistan

52. People were chanting ‘Jindabaad’ n I could hear ‘Hindustan’ n ‘Pakistan’ coming from loud speakers both sides of the border respectivly!7:14 AM Sep 2nd from Echofon
53. Ceremony, leading up 2 lowering Indian n Pakistani flags, colorful bt childish-looking. Provokin unnecessary nationalistic feelin both sides7:11 AM Sep 2nd from Echofon
54. 1.5 hr ago: @ indian side of d border Wagha. 2 diff songs blaring frm 2 sides #India #Pakistan indian side of stadium filled, Pak side empty7:09 AM Sep 2nd from Echofon
55. On way to Wagha, Indo-Pak border crossing point. Indians are adding new lane to the Highway leading 2 border. No residential homes around4:19 AM Sep 2nd from Echofon
56. In the next hour: head to India Pakistan border cross point @ Wagha to see the daily ritual of saluting/parade by d armies of both countries1:55 AM Sep 2nd from Echofon