Road Taken

Jaipur Literature Festival 2010 occasional truck-jams and Toll points. It was my first trip to Jaipur and the BIG first self-driving in any highway. It took us (me and fellow passenger) about eight hours to reach Jaipur from Delhi in a incident free ride. That included several stoppages at roadside dhabas and couple of frustrating vehicular jams. Also time to briefly slow down the car to ask: “Bhaiya, Jaipur kaise jaye? Diggi Palace Hotel kidhar hey?” I reached almost 90 KMPH on the Pink City Expressway as we approached Jaipur around 11 pm. In the return trip, I crossed 100 KMPH several times and realized that, as with height, I also have miner problem with speed! By the way, I also gave myself a driving license finally after I reached home safely at around 9 pm.