A Tired Indian

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Palika Bazaar is an underground market in central Delhi that is popular among the people who can’t afford to go to fancy malls and nearby branded outlets in Connaught Place. Above the bustling market is a peaceful and not so well maintained park where shoppers and other people come to take rest. Some play chess and enjoy cuppas while others talk to each other or just try be with themselves. All need a few moments of peace in this crazy city.

the belt of a tried indian who is scratching
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One recent evening I was wandering around CP and PB when I saw this man. He was completely fatigued. His legs told me that he didn’t have an easy life. He worked hard and he certainly needed some rest.

a tried indian naps
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Published by Dinesh Wagle

Dinesh Wagle is a Nepali citizen, a blogger and a political analyst. More on wagle.com.np/dinwag

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  1. You mean all photographers are stalkers? LOL. I know some of them are also known as paparazzi. On a serious note, the point I wanted to highlight is various faces of Delhi which is not just grand flyovers, green parks and wide roads in south and central part of the city. The ‘richest city of India’, according to Ms Dixit the CM, is also filled with beggars, loafers, cheaters, unfortunate and downtrodden ones.


  2. on a level that levels nothing and none
    i see something pure that has been defeated
    in a race of glory and fame.
    by the way, is there anything as such like glory and fame?

    he gives it out and he takes it in,
    something that doesn’t cost him anything


    his feet are torn.
    were they like that since he was born?
    but what do i say here?
    that i am lucky enough…
    that my feet are in a fancy pair?

    and blessed are those who have cried their tears
    and i might not be able to have new pairs
    i fear to walk by their side,
    where they sleep in a peaceful plight.


  3. mai kya kahu
    tum sab dekh rahe ho
    nange, fate pau mere
    aur usme ye kambakth nid
    jo dhoop mai bhi sapne dikhlati hai
    aur jab mai nid se jagta hu
    to in pedau se puchha ta hu:
    kya mai yehi tha,
    jab mai abhi abhi kohi ‘bada aadmi’ tha?


  4. Hi Dinesh Dai,
    just jotted down some lines in hindi .
    though i am not so good at it, but after having spent some good amount of time in india hindi accent comes easily.
    Anyways, found another book by a nepali the other day.
    “Unleashing Nepal” by Sujeev Shakya. Liked it a lot.
    Infact there was just a single copy of it.
    The book is well written.


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