उबर दिल्ली

त्यो वेलुकी म खान मार्केटको फकिर-चन्द एन्ड सन्सबाट वाकिेङ् द हिमालयज  च्यापेर निस्केको थिएँ । झोलामा द अोसन अफ चर्न  थियो र थिए द टु-इयर माउन्टेन, हाफ लायन  अनि कोर्मा खीर एन्ड किस्मत । अलि ठूलो पसलमा गएपछि अाफ्नो छनोटका किताव मात्रै किनेर पुग्छ र? त्यही दिन त्यो पसलमा टुपुल्किएको ग्यारिसन्ड माइन्ड्स्  लगायतका अरू केही […]


धेरैपछि फेरी एक पटक दिल्लीको गर्मीमा अाफैसँग सिकसिको लाग्नेगरी पसिनाले फतक्कै भिजेको डेढ दिन के भएको थियो मलाई काठमान्डूका कतिपय कुराहरू खड्किन थालेका थिए । १४ सय मिटरमा अवस्थित उपत्यकाको प्रशंसा गरेर नथाकिने मुख्य कुरा यहाँको मौसम हो जस्तो लाग्छ मलाई । सजिलै पुगिने र चढ्न सकिने वरिपरीका हरिया डाँडाहरूलाई पनि म यो ठाउँको सवल […]

Dry Fruit Sellers of Old Delhi

19th March Satish took me to parts of Old Delhi where I hadn’t gone during my two-year stay in the city. We had gone to the area looking for the shop where we had found best lassi in Delhi in 2010. I liked the effort they have put to decorate these dry fruit shops and […]

Parthasarathy Rocks (and Flowers of JNU)

17th and 20th March 2013 When I was living in Delhi as a correspondent for Kantipur, PSR was my favorite place in the city. That, according to me, is also the most beautiful place in the whole of Delhi. I would spend hours at the Parthasarathy Rocks, located inside the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus chatting with […]

Delhi once again

Back in the city where I lived for two years as a correspondent. Fortunately it’s not that hot today (29c). It’s not expected to be so for the rest of the week except for Wednesday (35c), according to the Weather Channel. The heat of Delhi terrifies me. That’s the reason  why I have written a couple of […]

The iPhone story

Yesterday I read a very interesting article in the NY Times about iPhone theft in New York. This particular iPhone was restolen & the first thief went to police to complain! Fascinating story! Reminded me of the day my iPhone was stolen in New Delhi’s Old Fort in 2011. Had gone there to meet managers […]

Unfriendly Monkeys of Delhi

Humans and monkeys struggle for space in the Indian capital By Dinesh Wagle It took me a week and three incidents to identify the culprit. I had kept a bucket of household waste just outside the main entrance of my third-floor apartment so that the collector could take it away. One recent afternoon, the collector […]

Nepal should help Indians understand our society and people better

Excerpts of an article published in the Kathmandu Post today: Despite being so close and sharing a border there is an unimaginably high level of misunderstanding about Nepal among Indians. Some of those misunderstandings are based on rumours and hearsay (all Nepalis smoke pot) while others are created by the Indian mainstream media that is […]


The day before yesterday I went to Khanna Market (which is not very far from Khan Market that, unlike Khanna, targets rich customers) to eat at a south Indian restaurant. I had been hearing about this restaurant for long. Several people had sworn that the eatery serves excellent south Indian food at reasonable prices. (“AC […]

Khan Market Magazine Stall

I am posting a photo that I tweeted a few days back. A man walks past a magazine store in Delhi’s Khan Market. This post is a part of my continued effort to give the site a Twitteresque feel. Recently I reactivated the P2 theme that its creators- Automatic- think will be useful for short […]