Khan Market Magazine Stall

I am posting a photo that I tweeted a few days back. A man walks past a magazine store in Delhi’s Khan Market. khan market magazine stall

This post is a part of my continued effort to give the site a Twitteresque feel. Recently I reactivated the P2 theme that its creators- Automatic- think will be useful for short updates like this one.

Whenever I go to Khan Market I make it a point to visit this and other magazine stalls. You can spend awhile browsing magazines of all kinds at these stalls. A few months ago I was surprised to see a magazine called Blogger’s Park (third issue, I think), collection of blog posts from a certain blogsite- printed in the magazine format. I always wanted to do that- once upon a time- when I used to blog almost full-time. No Nepali magazines is available at these stalls though. Nepali newspapers also don’t come to Delhi and other Indian cities where as Indian newspapers are circulated everywhere in Nepal. But a south Asian magazine that is published from Kathmandu is available here. I had bought the July issue of Himal Southasian from this stall last month. The magazine had carried an article that I wrote.

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2 thoughts on “Khan Market Magazine Stall

  1. Dr S D Singh

    Dinesh ji,
    Namaskar. The issue of non availability of Nepali news paper on Indian stalls are age old problems. The Nepali Print media lords are worried about the pinch in their pocket due to faulty postal charges arrangements existing between two neighbourly giants. Alongwith this, Nepali print media lords should accept the potential of sale of Nepali magazines available in the Indian metropolitian towns. The Nepali Nepali corporates do not owe any social resposnisbility towards Nepalese in India. Hope this issue of non availability should be taken in proper forum and let your stay in Delhi will give a voice to the voiceless Nepalese in India……


    1. Dinesh

      Like you, Dr Singh, I can only hope for the day when Nepalis living in India can buy Nepali newspapers as freely and easily as anyone can buy Indian papers in Nepali cities (esp Kathmandu). I have heard that there are some difficulties for Nepali publications to send papers to India though I have no idea what exactly those problems are.



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