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bollywood movie screening

The probability is high for one to become a movie buff if the sole theater in neighborhood has been renovated recently and shows latest flicks. I have watched more Bollywood movies in the past couple of weeks than I did in the past year (in theaters, that is). Eros cinema, a landmark of Jangpura Extension, resumed its service a few weeks ago. It was under-construction when I came here in late 2008. At times I thought it would remain that way for another year or so because work didn’t seem to progress.

Today I watched a Bollywood flick: Once upon a time in Mumbai. Not bad. Didn’t like songs interrupting storyline though one song was nice to hear (not to watch). Gangster flick but doesn’t show much violence and fights. Only one character, the protagonist, dies at the end (if I remember correctly). That too of a single gunshot to chest! Impossible for a Bollywood movie! Reminded me of Ram Gopal Varma’s Company (which also stars Ajay Devgan). Company starts from where Once upon a time in Mumbai ends. Well, not exactly but in some ways. Btw, the city of Mumbai has been extensively referred to as Bombay throughout the movie as it tells the story of the Bombay in the 70s. The city was renamed Mumbai only in 1996. Rightist forces in Mumbai in recent years have been forcing filmmakers not to refer to the city as Bombay. That is perhaps the reason for the title to have the word Mumbai. Still, I appreciated the filmmaker’s courage to use the word Bombay in the movie.

6 thoughts on “Movie Time

  1. Abhishek

    Hmm this Movie has got some good reviews and many of my friends are going to watch it today.
    But by the costumes of the Characters and by their looks it doesn’t seems its story is of Bombay in early 90s but may be of 70s.
    And the Picture yes is of the Film itself(you can read films Name there)


    1. Dinesh Post author

      That’s right, the film actually depicts the crime scene in the Bombay of the 70s. The police officer, in the early 90s, goes into flashback. I just revised my post. Thank you for pointing that error. And yes the film is certainly better than the one that I watched recently (i hate luv storys).


  2. nepaleeidiot

    Though I havent seen the movie, would like to share some information about it. The movie is based on Haji Mastaan and Dawood Ibrahim. Haji Mastaan (played by Ajay) was a famous smuggler who rose from a coolie at bombay docks to politician. It was Mastaan who introduced Dawood to crime world. Mastaan never got involved in ‘Crimes’ directly. He used his accomplice like Dawood instead. He was never proved guilty though being a notorious smuggler. He got famous after Amitabh played a role based on Mastaans life in ‘DEEWAR’. In real life too, he married a small time actress of ‘muslim’ films that mastaan himself produced. He was and still is regarded as a ‘Robinhood’ among the ‘dock workers’. Later he got into politics after Dawood took over the crime world. I dont know how the relationship between Dawood and Mastaan is depicted in the movie, but unlike Dawood & chhota Rajan there was never ‘I WILL KILL HIM’ kinda relationship between them. Mastaan was just unhappy the way Dawood worked. Unlike Dawood, he had an extremely good relations with film people, politicians as well as ‘his’ people. On the other hand Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘Company’ was based on Dawood-Chhota Rajan relationship where Ajay played Dawood.


    1. Dinesh Post author

      Thanks for the info, didn’t know the background story. But had told my friend who went with me to watch the movie that Shoaib character portrays Dawood in the movie. After killing Shultan, he has become the new gangster who, according to the police officer, is outside of India and far from the reach of Bombay police. All in all, the movie is ok.


  3. abish adhikari

    Would like to add to nepaleeidiot’s words
    …. Mastaan was just unhappy the way Dawood worked… Dawood didn’t kill Mastaan like the movie shows.
    Actually, Mastaan becomes a full time politician, starts his own muslim party, doesn’t do good in the elections, but still continues as a politician.
    Mastaan dies years later because of a heart attack ! (myocardial infarction)

    Overall, a nice movie to watch.

    btw dinesh, do they allow camera inside a movie hall in india ?
    last time i was there, they didn’t even allow my cell phone.


    1. Dinesh Wagle Post author

      May be the director didn’t want to lengthen the movie by showing Mastaan’s political avatar. So he killed him right on the stage as he was making his entry into politics!

      I don’t know if they allow cameras (I don’t think they do) but I saw many people using their camera-enabled phones inside the theater. One of the notices displayed on the screen requested audiences to either switch off or silence their phones. That notice indicated the theater had allowed cell phones inside.



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