Two Years in Delhi, India

SpiceJet at kathmandu airport
A plane belonging to the Indian budget airline Spicejet at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. Landing at the TIA was smooth. The change in temperature (from IGI Delhi

Two years ago today (Nov 6) I left Kathmandu for Delhi. It wasn’t planned but here I am, today, back in Kathmandu from Delhi. I am in a hurry now- have to go to play deusi– so I am not writing a detailed entry like I did last year about my life, time and observations in Delhi and around India. I plan to extend this entry sometime in the middle of this month when I return to Delhi. Happy Tihar to all.

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    1. Tihar, also called Deepawali, is the second largest festival in Nepal after Dashain. The festival is celebrated for five days- Kaag Tihar (crow festival), Kukur (dog), Gai (cow) and Laxmi, Goru (ox & non-castrated ones) and Bhai tika/tihar (brother) which is tomorrow.

      Bhailis and Deusis (traditional songs and dances by females and males respectively) during 3rd, 4th and 5th days are halmarks of Tihar. Also, a lot of lights (in cities n candlelight/oil lamps in villages) and little bit of crackers are also attractions.


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