Kids of Dadeldhura on the Dashain Tika Day

kids of dadeldhura nepal on the day of dashain tika

Rockstars of Dadeldhura: This pose too was their idea, I just clicked.

I was in Dadeldhura on the day of Tika this Dashain. The small bazaar on the hill was closed as people were busy celebrating the festival. I had to spend my Tika day on the hill because I was stuck there. The road was empty. I waited for a day for the buses to ply so that I could move to the next destination. To kill time and my curiosity about the way people celebrate Dashain I wandered around the the almost deserted bazaar. A few people, with tika on their forehead and jamara clipped to their ears, were walking on the street. I presumed that they were moving towards their relatives’ homes. Some men wore beautiful garlands of jamara. That was a new sight to me. We don’t do that in the east. Later a friend of mine in Dadeldhura told me that only so called tallo jaat (lower caste) people, especially damai wear jamara garlands on the Tika day. I am not sure if that’s the truth but it was definitely a new sight to me. I liked the idea. I thought about large families. They need to grow a lot of jamara to get enough garlands for each member of the family.

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7 thoughts on “Kids of Dadeldhura on the Dashain Tika Day

  1. Michelle Page

    Dinesh: Another great post. I am at the Hong Kong airport with a long wait, but I will be in Kathmandu for Tihar! I love the way you are open to exploration. Those kids were beautiful, as were the photos you took. Dhanyabaht!


  2. barsha

    Now there I see a bunch of some future cool rockstars. Or perhaps, future Rajesh Hamal or Shahrukh Khan or Tom Cruise in the making! Come to think of it, I might as well be seeing future Madhav Kr Nepal or Barack Obama. Or as those conventional thoughts proclaim, some real good doctors and engineers! 🙂


  3. Bed Prakash Bhatta

    Glad to see a post depicting my native place. Being the festive time, people go to enjoy in their respective villages mostly at Jogina, Kushmali, Paali, Matargaon, Rupal, Bhel, Siraad, sides of Jogbuda, Bhimdutta Nagar etc.
    I really loved reading this piece.


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