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Look ma, I lost my tooth.

This a sequel to the previous post titled People and Faces from Rukum’s Headquarter Musikot [RIP, Steve Jobs]. In this post I present photos that I took (of kids) during my excursion in Musikot, the headquarter of Rukum. I somehow encounter kids willing to be photographed (and very happily) during my trips. From Helambu (heading back to school and doko girl) to Dadeldhura (garlanded & Dasain tika on their foreheads).

So who are these divers? I don’t know. I didn’t feel like interviewing them when I saw them diving, swimming and trying to catch fishes in a small pond by the roadside. I was returning from the airport that is located at the lap of a hill that overlooks the Musikot bazaar. One of the kids seemed to be in charge of rest of the kids. He was overseeing the fishing operation. The in-charge was bullying, directing and, sometime, thrashing others. Not before long one of his ‘subjects’ challenged him. They almost got into a fist fight. The ‘leader’ was pretty tensed as other kids were not getting enough fishes. I called him ‘the contractor’ and everyone laughed and started calling him ‘oi contractor, contractor’. Have a look at this photo where they are seen angrily facing each other. Others started laughing.

I meet other kids on my way back to bazaar.


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