AFC Challenge Cup 2012 Qualifiers- Group Stage #Nepal vs #DPRK (pics and tweets)


North Korean fans



Pics by Mahesh Poudyal


Me (right) with a friend.



North Korean fans



The match is about to kick off. Players from both teams (Nepal, red) are on the ground for warm up session. A small team of Korean fans have assembled on the western parapit. Nepali supporters have come in large numbers, creating a lot of noise. Just heard someone blowing vuvuzela!

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Here are my tweets from the stadium (reverse chronological order):!/wagle/status/56682007979241472!/wagle/status/56681666026024960!/wagle/status/56680836694675456!/wagle/status/56679909216628736!/wagle/status/56678538153168896!/wagle/status/56678104965447681!/wagle/status/56676886557884416!/wagle/status/56676182241972224!/wagle/status/56675369285201920!/wagle/status/56674487055298561!/wagle/status/56674004047630336!/wagle/status/56673052238413824!/wagle/status/56672808771657728!/wagle/status/56671441621499904!/wagle/status/56670667579469824!/wagle/status/56669646316777472!/wagle/status/56665222190084097

End of first half.!/wagle/status/56664586149040128!/wagle/status/56664266710843392!/wagle/status/56662501244403712!/wagle/status/56661376801849344!/wagle/status/56660504667623424!/wagle/status/56659394951262208!/wagle/status/56658497584115712!/wagle/status/56657384050929664!/wagle/status/56655340632158208!/wagle/status/56654145280688128!/wagle/status/56653766904119296!/wagle/status/56653271183536128!/wagle/status/56651255401037824!/wagle/status/56645823659913216

4 thoughts on “AFC Challenge Cup 2012 Qualifiers- Group Stage #Nepal vs #DPRK (pics and tweets)

  1. Omkar Pandey

    Nepali player played really good football. It’ll be another unforgettable match for Nepali football fan. Match between 3star and Regar A Tadaz is the other match, which i still remember. Better luck for the match against Sri Lanka.



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