a nepali village of baglung galkot (2)
Enjoy the view.

I have decided to stop here in this village called Hatiya (of the Galkot region of Baglung) tonight. It’s a mixture of voluntary and forced decision. I got a friend here in this village. On the other hand, jeeps that came from Baglung Bazaar don’t go beyond this point. I will have to walk for about half an hour and cross the stream to find a jeep that will take me to Burtibang. I talked to a few locals here- went to a FM station that has been established recently. I talked to a ‘model’ farmer who grows organic food professionally and sells them to earn an enviable living- going by the local standards. Here are some photos that (my friend and) I took during our walk in the village. We also crossed over to the neighboring Harichaur village. In fact the rice fiends seen in the photos are from Harichaur.


Published by Dinesh Wagle

Dinesh Wagle is a Nepali citizen, a blogger and a political analyst. More on wagle.com.np/dinwag

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