Crossing a river on a packraft

Dinesh Wagle -Sunkoshi River Khandichaur Today I crossed a river. Twice. On a packraft. By myself of course. It was fun. A bit scary. But it was all okay. Crossing back was challenging. But I did it. Considering it was one of Nepal’s big rivers, I feel my performance, first ever, was not that bad. A video of my little adventure sometime at the end of this week.

Update Photos and the following text added on 26 May 2013. The river is Sunkoshi. At Khandichaur, just below the Lamosanghu the bridge. Packraft belonged to Peter (last pic below, readying the packraft). It was a brief encounter with waters of Sunkoshi as we were on a trip to Dolakha and Ramechhap. I was in water for less than 10 mins and most of the time I was struggling to maintain control over the raft. Next update: Packrafting in Likhu Khola. Sunkosi Khadichaur Sunkosi River Khandichaur Raft- Sunkoshi river bank


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  1. I am thinking, I should try this adventure. One question daai, Is it legal to use packraft in the rivers without any permission from authorities?
    Also, please add video if possible. It must be funny 😀


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