london victoria coach station 1 It was a long drive that involved two buses and a taxi but not as tiring as one would expect given the distance covered (about 330 kilometers). I found the section between Leeds and York particularly enjoyable. One, I was sitting at the upper deck of the double-decker bus (second one, changed at Leeds) with better view of the area I was passing through. Two, window panes were not tinted as they were in previous bus. Three, the atmosphere, I felt, changed for better. More open spaces, reasonable space between two houses, less people on streets and fewer cars on road. Overall, the atmosphere was welcoming and energizing.

london victoria coach station 2

People usually mention or write about things that they find new. For me, seeing ‘gates’, like in airports, in a bus station (London’s Victoria Coach Station) was new. Thus these pictures. I boarded via gate number 18 that didn’t have pigeons sitting on its noticeboard.

More photos of the day and details of what I did in York this evening later.