i was walking through the city streets… #oldDelhi

Look at his eyes that are looking at something else18th-19th March A trip to New Delhi is not complete without taking a walk through the animating streets of Old Delhi. The old part of Delhi feels like a super enlarged Ason. More chaos and bigger crowds. The contrast between New and Old is clearly visible and mind-boggling. On the new part of the city roads are wider and filled with cars. Some of them are BMWs, Porches and Ferraris.

I noticed the last one in Delhi in this trip. The autowallah stopped the auto I was in for a few seconds to let the car go ahead of him. He commented: “Delhi toh bahut dhani ho gaya hai. Ferrari vi aagaya ab.” [Delhi has become very rich. Now Ferrari has come here too]. I hadn’t spotted Ferrari when I lived in the city for two years (2008-11).

The roads of Old, one the other hand, are dominated by rickshaws and carts- both pulled by people. Varieties of activities. Very busy atmosphere. People are sweaty and shouting. The tension is clearly visible. Not that New is tension free but that’s hidden inside the tinted car windows.

This album has only one photo from New Delhi. No prize for guessing. That’s where we spotted the Ferrari.

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