Street Food of Delhi (and India)

chandni chowk delhi pani puri..
Pani Puri or Golgappa. Probably the most famous food in India?

The urban Indian streets are full of two things: people and food. Men and women of all ages and sizes standing around a small roadside food stall and eating is a common sight everywhere. Every market, big or small, upscale or otherwise, has several street food stalls. The trend is slowly growing in Kathmandu valley over the past few years (re: stalls selling momo, chatamari, bara etc. in New Road, Khicha Pokhari, New Baneshwor etc.) while the same is not new in Tarai parts of Nepal. In India, its the number that is intimidating. Perhaps that’s all understandable. It’s a country of more than a billion people. The street food culture is very much mainstream here. In these photos taken by my iPhone, one street food that is popular in several Indian cities including Delhi and Calcutta but is not considered really THE Indian, is missing. No prizes for guessing. That will be featured in a separate entry soon.

chandni chowk delhi kulfi faluda plate
That yellow noodle-like thing was new to me. And also the way they a plate.