Seto Gumba- the white monastery

13 July- An impromptu trip to Seto Gumba, a Buddhist monastery that sits atop a hill behind Swyambhunath, on a Saturday. That’s the only day of the week Gumba opens its gates to general visitors and tourists- a reason, perhaps, why the place is crowded mostly by teenagers and couples. Some hike up to the Gumba, others reach there in bikes and cars. A bus driver’s effort to make some profit by operating a shuttle service (Rs. 40 per passenger from Ringroad to the Gumba) turned futile in the narrow and steep road because of the continuous flow of taxis and motorbikes. The place offers a good view of the Valley- much better than the one from Swyambhunath Stupa. This, and the walk to reach there, seemed to be the reason why people go there. Not so much for the teachings of Buddha, I am afraid.