Monsoon Clouds of Kathmandu


Monsoon is probably the best time to be in Kathmandu, a friend declared recently. Frequent shower washes dust from the atmosphere and air pollution is perhaps at its lowest during this time of the year. (The other is during a couple of weeks in October, I think, when the sorrounding hills look tiny compared to the majestic mountains that reemerge right behind them.)

Forget the roads that get muddy and flooded during the rains and afterwards. City still feels like a warzone but soon after rains stop look at the sky and the hills around the vally– green and lush and mostly clear.

And the clouds. They look really dramatic and colorful. The patterns are so distinct and charming. As if a brilliant painter had just finished his work. I spotted clouds of seven different colors on the north eastern horizon the other day as I was driving back from one of the hills around Kathmandu.

In this photo taken from Tinkune, near the Tribhuvan Airport, I see the coulds of various colors and that big fire somewhere in the city. Or in the sky. May be I am overreacting.

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