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Dinesh Wagle

July 25, 2013

Saw this NYT report on Nokia Lumia a few days back. Was excited for a while. It felt good to know that more and more people are using the phone (820) that I have been using for the past few months. But I am not satisfied with the phone lately. Everything’s fine except the 3G connectivity. Not sure if it’s the Nepal Telecom network (I would like to think so and not blame the phone itself as yet) but I have been unable to use 3G internet service on it.

Dinesh Wagle

February 24, 2013

Posting this update just to take advantage of the free WiFi connection (pleasantly surprised, I must admit) in this moving bus that is taking me to Leeds. Left London- the city and the crowd and the buildings- about two hours ago, now I can see a lot of windmills on both sides of the highway. Many small villages/settlements and lot of green fields and small hilltops.

Dinesh Wagle

January 27, 2013

I have realized in the past two months that research, the empirical one, is not my cup of tea. I am fine with reportage, in-depth article and long form writing (non-fiction). But I do not enjoy a bit of the scientific method of data gathering, analyzing (quantitative) and presenting them in an organized manner. Respect to all scientific researchers out there but, given a chance, I would happily opt out of the business of empirical research. I think I like quoting people much more than citing them.

Dinesh Wagle

January 24, 2013

I love moonlit nights. Especially when the area I am living is submerged in darkness because of a scheduled power cut. I like to see clear sky too. This evening I can see stars, some of them are brighter than others.

Dinesh Wagle

January 23, 2013

Mornings in Kathmandu are still cold. And foggy too. Visibility was very low today.

Dinesh Wagle

October 22, 2011

Maoist Party Literature: Realized in past couple of days that I had never read Maoist party literature before. Amazingly complex writeup/sentences in Prachanda’s “work”. Hadn’t read all these “famous” decisions like that of Chunbang meet, 2nd National Conference & Phuntibang meet of the Maoist party during and after the armed conflict (1996-2006). Feels like knowing janayuddha (people’s war) & Maoist comrades’ feud, their hypocrisy/double standard from so close & first hand. Almst bcame Maoist! LOL. I was traveling in public bus carrying this thick book titled “Prachanda: Chhaniyeka Rachanaharu- Khanda Dui” (Prachanda: Selected Writings- Part Two) with a huge photo of the Maoist Chairman on the cover. People would look at the cover and immediately give me a look from head to toe with strange and unreadable expression on their faces. That was funny. They must have taken me as a hardcore Maoist member and may also have feared me! Sorry folks!!

[Added later in the day: Here’s link to the article that I wrote after reading all those documents and talking to many people: माओवादी-भारत सम्बन्ध: पहिले विस्तारवाद, अहिले अवसरवाद


Dinesh Wagle

September 22, 2011

घर हाम्रो दरबार: अस्तिको भैंचालोले हामी नेपालीहरूलाई एकचरण नराम्ररी थर्काएपछिका यी दिन हाम्रा घरहरूको निर्माणबारे र तिनको गुणस्तरबारे फेरी बहस शुरुभएको छ । झन्डै तीन बर्षअघि एकजना ख्यातिप्राप्त नेपालीले आप्नो घर छाड्दा सुरज र मैले अन्य थुप्रै उतिसारो ख्याती नकमाएका नेपालीका लागि घरले के कस्तो  महत्व राख्छ भनि जान्न चाहेका थियौं । थप कथा यहाँ:

यही‍ महिना २००९ मा: “I don’t know what sins we committed in our previous life that we have to serve in a foreign army. It feels like we are going to all these dhams all over India to wash away our sins.” That’s what a Nepali young man told me when I met him in Jammu this month in 2009. पूर्वजन्ममा के पाप गरिएछ कुन्नी अहिले विदेशी सेनामा काम गर्नु परेको छ । भारतभरीका यी धामहरूमा जादा त्यो पाप पखाल्न गएजस्तो लाग्छ । यही महिना २००९ मा जम्मुमा भेट्दा एकजना नेपाली तन्नेरीले त्यही भने मलाई । More here/थप यहाँ:

Dinesh Wagle

September 20, 2011

Have you seen, touched (or, written your names on) the beloved bamboos of Budhasubba? 🙂 बिजयपुरका प्यारा बाँसहरू देख्नु, छुनु (र तिनमा आफ्ना नामहरू लेख्नु) भएको छ ? Dambar K Shrestha’s Wave mag story (reproduced in the given link) is very interesting. So is the poem of Ly Kaudinya (a line: बुढा सुब्बा का बाँसहरु मा तिम्रै नाम खोप्न पाँऊ।). AND, of course, some of my pics!!

Dinesh Wagle

July 29, 2010

I couldn’t sleep a wink last night
Because we had that silly fight.

LOL. There was no fight but a night passed by without me sleeping a wink. First time in many years.