Dinesh Wagle

September 20, 2011

Have you seen, touched (or, written your names on) the beloved bamboos of Budhasubba? 🙂 बिजयपुरका प्यारा बाँसहरू देख्नु, छुनु (र तिनमा आफ्ना नामहरू लेख्नु) भएको छ ? Dambar K Shrestha’s Wave mag story (reproduced in the given link) is very interesting. So is the poem of Ly Kaudinya (a line: बुढा सुब्बा का बाँसहरु मा तिम्रै नाम खोप्न पाँऊ।). AND, of course, some of my pics!!

Please post your thoughts. (कृपया तपाईंलाई लागेको लेख्नुस् ।)

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