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manila: midget wrestlers

Manila: nights and the beach

her eyes

a baby and the beach

A Filipino beach near Manila. An ‘active’ volcano and a lake in Tagaytay, near Manila. Wrestlers midgets and lady boxers AND live music in bars of Manila. Continue reading


A trip to Pondicherry, India

green garden

Pondicherry has one of the oldest (1828) botanical gardens of India.

The British once ruled the Indian subcontinent (except Nepal, of course) that included present day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. But they were not the only foreign powers to rule India. The Portuguese and the French controlled Goa and Pondicherry, located on two opposing coasts of India. Having visited Goa (west coast) twice I always wanted to go to Pondicherry (or Puducherry)- sometimes described as “the French Riviera of the East“.

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I haven’t been to the French Riviera but didn’t find Puducherry the town up to my (and my co-traveler’s) expectation. We had expected the place to be very calm, without much traffic, touristy, romantic and better than Goa. It is not entirely so. But the rocky beach where French and British once killed each other for the control of Puducherry looked nice- far better than Marina. We spent couple of hours there in the evening after returning from Auroville where golden metallic Matrimandir is the center of attraction. But we found a huge banyan tree nearby far more grander and mesmerizing then the man-made structure. (More about the banyan tree and photos later). The botanical garden near the railway station is a nice place to be for a while though it’s not exactly a garden. It’s kind of an orderly jungle with trees of various kinds. Unfortunately no nameplate could be found attached on all of them. Continue reading

Marina, Chennai: A Year After

How fast time flies! I am here in Marina. The sight of sea fascinates the hilly, landlocked person in me so immensely that the salty water holds inexplicable taste to me. The waves, the sand, the color.

marina chennai dinesh wagle

Me, this morning, at Marina beach, Chennai.

I was in Marina last year jumping and running around the beach wearing dhoti and operating a camera. It’s the same Bay of Bengal, the same water (salty!) and the same sand- I believe. The beach, second longest in the world hasn’t changed it’s appearance- like in July 2009 the beach may not make it to the list of 1000 cleanest beaches in the world this year too. Even a dirty beach excites the hilly man in me. Continue reading

Anjuna, Goa. [Second Day]

The following photos were taken in Kolva Beach, Goa, the Cafe Coffee Day near the beach and in Madgaon train station.

@Madgaon Train Station, Goa

The following post details the events happened on 10-11 July.

10 July: Second day in Goa. We woke up at 9 am and headed to the beach at 10. There was a photography session and playing with the sea water which was dirty and filthy and of course salty! The waves were pretty strong and we tried to challenge them taking help of a rock. Futile effort. One wave almost took Gokul away. It was scary.

We also climbed the hilltop that originated from the beach and went up to several meters. Climbing was relatively easy and we posed for camera with whole lot of creativity!

Arrived in the train station on Margao to carch the 5:25 train to Bombay. We had to change theree buses to come here from Anjuna (to Mapusa to Panjim to Margao to Station). Then these tweets: Continue reading