Nepali Journalists’ Convention and New Leadership (tweets)

The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) held its two-day general convention that ended today with the election of a new Central Committee. Here are my tweets from (and about) the convention and poll results. Today’s Tweets!/wagle/status/65843907845566465!/wagle/status/65839943305539584!/wagle/status/65839750711476224!/wagle/status/65838286215720960!/wagle/status/65838065444331520 Yesterday’s Tweets!/wagle/status/65370125796249600!/wagle/status/65361786504876032!/wagle/status/65361356869742592!/wagle/status/65360877527900160!/wagle/status/65358817537433600!/wagle/status/65357686711123968!/wagle/status/65357119372791808!/wagle/status/65356699028029440!/wagle/status/65355781729554432 Advertisements

Registered for Voter ID Card

Got myself registered with the Election Commission of Nepal this afternoon. They needed my (Nepali) Citizenship Certificate and some additional information that are not printed in nagarikta. I was required to be present at the EC registration office in my village so that the Logitech 1.3 MP web camera attached to a Dell laptop could […]

Election Day Story: Pillion Riding in Kathmandu

For the record, the Election Day Story: Thanks to the bikers, it was a relatively easy day for me. The Carters face us in a polling station in Pulchowk. How often do you ask for a lift on the road? I rarely do that in Kathmandu where different forms of public transportation could be found […]