The Krishna Dharabasi Autograph

So as we were chatting with Sharada Sharma I saw someone who almost looked like Krishna Dharabasi, the acclaimed writer of, among others, the novel Radha that I had bought an hour or so ago in the book fair in Bhrikutimandap (on Sunday, 11 May) before coming to Narahari Acharya residence. Advertisements

Narahari Acharya’s Thanks Giving Meeting

Narahari Acharya, while giving me the Nepali Congress manifesto and his book about national restructuring, tries to show me something from the manifesto that was related to our conversation. Pics by Suraj Kunwar Sharada Sharma, the writer and wife of politician Narahari Acharya, had invited us (Suraj and I) at a small gathering of writers […]

Election Day Story: Pillion Riding in Kathmandu

For the record, the Election Day Story: Thanks to the bikers, it was a relatively easy day for me. The Carters face us in a polling station in Pulchowk. How often do you ask for a lift on the road? I rarely do that in Kathmandu where different forms of public transportation could be found […]

In the Peopledom of Gorkha

Self-portrait. Dinesh Wagle The district of Gorkha, in my mind, was always a very remote place. That was before I went there last month (in the first week of March). I couldn’t go outside the district headquarter and trek in the villages. I found the district headquarters nice and beautiful. I had to trek for […]

An Evening in Nagarkot: Drinking Soup

A sudden trip to the hilltop that is famous for the views of sunrise. So that is how my day started. I wasn’t prepared when my colleague at Kantipur Girish Giri asked me to join him on a motorcycle trip to Nagarkot in the afternoon while I was calmly browsing web and reading blogs. Plus, […]

Everyone Wants To “Volunteer” For UN

Anjila Mul, 22, and Sujita Amatya, 22, who got Bachelors in Science (Environmental Science) degree from Biswo Niketan College a few days ago, had gone to the “exhibition” hoping to get recruited as volunteer or explore opportunities in volunteering. “The focus is in the UN of course,” said Anjila, left, “because that’s world wide.” [Here […]

Meet the Chinese Wife of the French Ambassador

Continued from previous blog: Wine Party: The Dutch Guy With Helvetas [Here is my article in Kantipur daily about the Beaujolais Day wine party: फ्रेन्च वाइन कूटनीति] Behind every handsome ambassador is his beautiful wife: Gilles-Henry Garault, French ambassador in Nepal and his Chinese wife Shen Miao in the wine party on Beaujolais Day in […]

French Ambassador’s Wine Party: The Dutch Guy With Helvetas

Continued from previous blog: Beaujolais Day in Nepal: Wine Talk With a French Teacher How about this bearded man? I am not sure about his nationality but that’s fine. He must be a European. Yes, he is: a Dutch, married to a Swiss and working for a Swiss agency in Kathmandu. “How old are you?” […]

Beaujolais Day in Nepal: Wine Talk With a French Teacher

Continued from previous blog: Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!: French Ambassador’s Wine Party in Kathmandu I am basically an introvert (except on the web of course), and I find it quite difficult to sustain with phony smiles and extra courteous talks in many social gatherings. But then there is another person in me who is […]

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!: French Ambassador’s Wine Party in Kathmandu

The New Beaujolais has arrived!: Chief Election Commissioner Bhojraj Pokharel and the French Ambassador Gilles-Henry Garault in the “Beaujolais Day” party. Pic by Bikas Rauniar 15 November: I am not a wine connoisseur but the nearest thing that fascinates me after beautiful girls is a glass of wine. Did you believe that? Fine, don’t believe […]