Day Out in Manila. Photos

  These are not the photos taken in a day. One day MK and I went to the Immigration office to inquire about visa extension (he had extend while I wasn’t sure if I needed to). [In another outing AL and PB were also present.] A branch office where we first went to wouldn’t do […]

Manila Food. Hint: too much meat :)

Too much meat. Too little vegetable. My impression of the food in Manila- especially on restaurants that are crowded by middle class and lower middle class Filipinos. I eat meat but not much. I like to try new food but such trial must always been interrupted, may be two days, by dal bhat tarkari 🙂 […]

Tricycles of Manila

When I first rode a tricycle in Manila I sat behind the driver the way men do in Nepal when they ride pillion on a motorcycle. I was told later by a Filipino friend of mine that that was the wrong way of sitting on a tricycle. The correct way, I was told, was to sit like […]

Mall of Asia, Manila Bay and a Glass of Draught Beer (a Photo Album)

In my first evening out in Manila, I was taken to Manila Bay and the Mall of Asia. Here are some images taken during that trip. I went to both of these places later too during daytime. I am not a great fan of beer- alcohol in general- and draft beer was certainly new to […]