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Today’s the last and 21st day in Manila. I am at the airport to fly to an Asian capital where I plan to spend a few days before moving to another one.

There was no time for me to publish any updates- words or pictures on this site- during my stay in manila except for a couple of Google Plus posts:

July 13
Have been living some of the most challenging days 🙂 Finally, go to bed at 12:30 in the night. Wake up at SIX am, flip on the computer to GO THROUGH READINGS but not to G+! By EIGHT, in the classroom. Listen to lectures, Participate in the discourse, do the power point presentations on given topics, write papers (watch movies and analyze them too!) 5:30 PM. Tired? Hell I am. But the day is not over. What are the assignments? Which group I am in? THREE more assignments for tomorrow- must complete by tonight. Okay, I am in two groups, gotta do a presentation AND participate in a debate on ethics and what not. THEN a bundle of printed materials remains to be read AND saturated into a 700 word paper. STUDENT LIFE.

[After reading this update one may understand why there are no more updates after July 13! Too many assignments and the free time had to be utilized by exploring Manila as well as nearby beaches!]

July 10 The Indonesian guy I am sharing the room with is snoring like he will not get time in future. The Cambodian classmate, meanwhile, is having a sound sleep. It’s 12:43 in the night in Manila and I just got out of the room to get some ‘peace’ and wifi in the lobby. Need to finish reading this Aristotle thing before I go to sleep. From the book: “Virtue, then, is of two kinds, intellectual and moral…The pleasure or pain that actions cause the agent may serve as an index of moral progress, since good conduct consists in a proper attitude towards pleasure and pain.” Guess what, I am a journalism student 🙂

July 9 Had a long discussion w/ my Chinese classmate here in Manila. This reminded me of similar moments w/ Xu Jie http://bit.ly/mXrQCq

July 8
 For the record: Today it rained heavily in Manila- the kind of rain that we have been experiencing in Kathmandu in recent past.

manila: midget wrestlers

Manila: nights and the beach

her eyes

a baby and the beach

A Filipino beach near Manila. An ‘active’ volcano and a lake in Tagaytay, near Manila. Wrestlers midgets and lady boxers AND live music in bars of Manila. Continue reading

Who cares about the world when you are tired...

Day Out in Manila. Photos


It's hot in Manila


Who cares about the world when you are tired...

Who cares about the world when you are tired...DW and MK on the bank of Pasig River, at Fort Santiago, Manila.

These are not the photos taken in a day. One day MK and I went to the Immigration office to inquire about visa extension (he had extend while I wasn’t sure if I needed to). [In another outing AL and PB were also present.] A branch office where we first went to wouldn’t do that. We had to go to the main office. Near the Immigration office, on the bank of Pasig river, is the China Town of Manila (Binondo). (Binondo’s Chinatown located in Manila, Philippines is the oldest Chinatown in the world, established in 1594, says an entry in Wikipedia). Continue reading

Manila food: In the Uni canteen

Manila Food. Hint: too much meat :)

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Manila food: rice, fish, egg and mushroom

Manila food: rice, fish, egg and mushroom. ( Mushroom wasn't good.)

Too much meat. Too little vegetable. My impression of the food in Manila- especially on restaurants that are crowded by middle class and lower middle class Filipinos. I eat meat but not much. I like to try new food but such trial must always been interrupted, may be two days, by dal bhat tarkari 🙂 As the first week passed by I started craving for the food that is a daily staple in Nepal. Dal was not be seen anywhere. We went to an Indian restaurant called Bollywood in Greenbelt. Surprisingly the manager was a Nepali speaking Indain from Darjeeling area (Kolkata, he said). The food was good but I must admit that the bill was too steep. And the motton momo, dipped in the Indian chicken-gravy, was quite strange to my taste but my classmates liked it. Here’s an excerpt of an article that I wrote for Kantipur newspaper two weeks ago about Nepali students in Manila and Bangkok. The excerpt in Nepali talks about the food in Manila. Continue reading

Tricycles of Manila

When I first rode a tricycle in Manila I sat behind the driver the way men do in Nepal when they ride pillion on a motorcycle. I was told later by a Filipino friend of mine that that was the wrong way of sitting on a tricycle. The correct way, I was told, was to sit like the way most women-especially those clad in saari- do in Nepal: by hanging both legs on the same side.

But that’s for the third (and last) passenger on a tricycle. The other two are holed up in a small carriage- supported by a tire- on the right side of the motorbike. When that carriage is attached a bike becomes a tricycle (or a motorcycle taxi). And tricycles are everywhere in Manila though their future seems uncertain. For some (and that includes city officials) they are traffic nuisance and for many others they are cheap medium of transportation in the city. Continue reading

beer station in mall of asia manila (0)

Mall of Asia, Manila Bay and a Glass of Draught Beer (a Photo Album)

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In my first evening out in Manila, I was taken to Manila Bay and the Mall of Asia. Here are some images taken during that trip. I went to both of these places later too during daytime. I am not a great fan of beer- alcohol in general- and draft beer was certainly new to me. Especially the way the it was served as if it were lassi or something similar. But the brand of the beer, San Miguel- if not the taste- felt so familiar. And the MOA? Very big yes but, apart from that, nothing special. The Bay? It was nice. If I am to vote, though, I may go for the Marine Drive, Mumbai– a much smaller place by size but relatively cleaner and better organized.