Panche baaja पञ्चे बाजा

A wedding ceremony? An auspicious occasion? Someone very important, a thulo manchhe, coming in the village? Play the panche baja (the five -musical- instruments). That’s still the case in many Nepali villages. These photos are from Dhampus village, north of Pokhara that offers beautiful views of the Annapurna range. When I was there last year […]

Old Men of Bhaktapur

I saw a group of elderly men relaxing at a sattal in Bhaktapur in a recent afternoon. They were soft-spoken folks who chatted with each other in Newari/Nepal Bhasha. Some smiled occasionally while others maintained an unchanged facial expression for long. Some frequently moved their bodies and adjusted their sitting positions while others didn’t even move […]

एउटा लामो ट्वीट [a very long tweet]

ठूलो पार्न यहा क्लिके हुन्छ । त्यस्तै आजै प्रकाशित ‘साताका ट्वीट्स‘

People of Achham, Far West Nepal, celebrating Holi in Kathmandu

Saw them singing hori songs and dancing in a circle at a private college in Kathmandu today. They don’t use Lola and want to tell the rest of Kathmanduits that holi could be celebrated without lolas! Posted from WordPress for Android

Khabardar! 74 Days to Draft Constitution in Nepal

This one is for the members of the Constituent Assembly. A board has been put up at the gate of the Constituent Assembly complex in New Baneswar, Kathmandu to remind the CA members the deadline. Posted from WordPress for Android

Unfriendly Monkeys of Delhi

Humans and monkeys struggle for space in the Indian capital By Dinesh Wagle It took me a week and three incidents to identify the culprit. I had kept a bucket of household waste just outside the main entrance of my third-floor apartment so that the collector could take it away. One recent afternoon, the collector […]

A Tired Indian

Palika Bazaar is an underground market in central Delhi that is popular among the people who can’t afford to go to fancy malls and nearby branded outlets in Connaught Place. Above the bustling market is a peaceful and not so well maintained park where shoppers and other people come to take rest. Some play chess […]

Progressive Society: Nepal vs India

Nepal has already seen/done some of the things that are happening in India today Some arguments here Following the latest happenings in Indian politics and society is a kind of déjà vu experience for many Nepali people. The upper house of the Indian parliament last week passed a bill that provides 33 percent reservation for […]

Nepal’s Polyandry Tradition: Young Men Don’t Want to Share Their Wife With Brothers in Kimathanka

LIFE IS a Journey. I have been to the far east and the far west regions of Nepal but have not crossed more than a kilometer of its international boundaries yet. Reporting is my profession. I get some opportunities to travel on assignment. I still remember my October 2001 Kimathanka trip that also included visit […]