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UK Album: Railway Stations and Notices for Thieves

A few “interesting” things that I noticed while wandering around in London and York.

A Tour of Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Bhaskar Adhikari who works at the Royal Botanical Gardens as a researcher gave me a near-detailed tour of the beautiful Gardens.

Bhaskar Adhikari who works at the Royal Botanical Gardens as a researcher gave me a near-detailed tour of the beautiful Gardens. Pic by Amit Gautam.

Here’s my Edinburgh entry (now with photos).

It was Amit’s idea. He knew someone who worked there. That someone, I later came to know, was Bhaskar Adhikari (PhD from University of Edinburgh). Bhaskar worked as a researcher at the “Flora of Nepal” section of the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. He had agreed to give us a tour of the Gardens. Fantastic. Thank you Bhaskar ji. Continue reading


This text has been updated. See below for photos and additional text.

Amit the photographer..takes a photo of a tourst at the Edinburgh Castle at the latter's request.

Amit the photographer..takes a photo of a tourst at the Edinburgh Castle at the latter’s request.

People had told me two things about Edinburgh: 1) The place is very beautiful. 2) It is very very cold up there. If you think London is too cold, take a lot of clothes with you if you are going to Edinburgh.

The first piece of information is correct. I admit that the hills are not as tall or big as I had imagined them to be but this place is beautiful and it feels nice to walk around. If these small hills (thumkas not dandas) look bigger than they actually are it could be because they are so close to the sea. Who has seen their reflection on sea water? I think I took more photos here than I took in London.

On second point: weather has been so very kind to me. I arrived here on Wednesday afternoon. Beautiful day, clear skies, great view and it’s so warm yesterday and today that, for the first time since I arrived in the UK, I took my jacket off. I couldn’t have imagined walking on streets of London and York without wearing a jacket. Continue reading


london victoria coach station 1 It was a long drive that involved two buses and a taxi but not as tiring as one would expect given the distance covered (about 330 kilometers). I found the section between Leeds and York particularly enjoyable. One, I was sitting at the upper deck of the double-decker bus (second one, changed at Leeds) with better view of the area I was passing through. Two, window panes were not tinted as they were in previous bus. Three, the atmosphere, I felt, changed for better. More open spaces, reasonable space between two houses, less people on streets and fewer cars on road. Overall, the atmosphere was welcoming and energizing.

london victoria coach station 2

People usually mention or write about things that they find new. For me, seeing ‘gates’, like in airports, in a bus station (London’s Victoria Coach Station) was new. Thus these pictures. I boarded via gate number 18 that didn’t have pigeons sitting on its noticeboard.

More photos of the day and details of what I did in York this evening later.

Dinesh Wagle

February 24, 2013

Posting this update just to take advantage of the free WiFi connection (pleasantly surprised, I must admit) in this moving bus that is taking me to Leeds. Left London- the city and the crowd and the buildings- about two hours ago, now I can see a lot of windmills on both sides of the highway. Many small villages/settlements and lot of green fields and small hilltops.

Dinesh Wagle

February 24, 2013

There are so many things to write about. This evening’s bus ride, branded shops of Oxford Street with ridiculously high prices of the products on display and malls that sell things surprisingly cheap stuffs. The famous bridge of London, museums that I visited, television studio that I liked, portraits that I saw, food that I ate and people I met including the hobbyist singer with whom I just exchanged email address in a pub. But I don’t have enough time to write about all these things and select, edit and post photos. Will try and do that when I am back in Kathmandu.

Now I must get some sleep. I have to wake up early tomorrow morning to catch a bus that will take me to a northern city of York via Leeds. And then to Edinburgh in a train.