After a Month in Karnali, I am Back in Kathmandu

I am back in Kathmandu. I came here on the last day of February flying from Jumla to Nepalgunj and from there to Kathmandu. I was in Karnali for a month (February). I did travel the Karnali Highway (Jumla-Surkhet) twice this time. From Jumla to Surkhet and from Surkhet to Jumla. I also went to […]

Architecture Blog: New York Times Building Vs Kantipur Tower!

It’s 10:22 PM now and I spent most of my last three hours with the Nehru autobiography that I started reading yesterday. The winter has arrived in Kathmandu for I find it very difficult to wake up early in the morning. Like yesterday, I slept today till 12 AM and I have decided to wake […]

Week Review: Animal Nepal & Judith Miller

I am wondering how my week passed away. I didn’t actually realize it. Only two things I remember is that I worked a lot and I wasn’t feeling very well throughout the week. Did that sound contradictory? Okay, then that’s what is the truth. It’s an old tradition for me that I suffer from cold […]

No Lukla For The Day

Kathmandu: The dateline of this blog tells it all. I am still in the capital city of Nepal. I was supposed to be in Lukla, eastern region, today. But who can ignore the bad weather? Pilots? No. They too love their lives. Passengers too love their lives. I also wish to live a few years […]

Kavis or Poets of Kantipur

The word poet or kavi has become a not-to-be-so-proud-of kind of word in my office. Guys address each other with the title kavi or poet. Oh..kavi, the usual way of greeting goes like this, how are you today? And the kavi ji or Mr. Poet replies, Oh..kavi ji, why are you calling me kavi? Please, […]

Welcoming Winter in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is exceptionally clear today. Up in North, white and snowy mountains are shining as the sunlight hits upon their cool bodies. The view is clear. It’s beautiful. As I am typing these lines, Guna Raj Luitel is opening windows and praising the scenery that is awesome. Irony is that even though we are proud […]

The Day in Office, After Dashain

The first day in office after (three-day-long) Dashain holiday means replying to a question that comes from everyone you meet: How was you Dashain? Yes, I have already written about this in my blog last year. This time too the situation was not different. “Mine was black and white,” I replied to one. “Mine was […]

The Disconnected Day

Yesterday, I had to spend whole day without connected to the Internet. The connection at my home didn’t work. It didn’t work for the whole day and I felt damn lazy to go outside looking for a cyber café. Strange! I made many calls (may be more than 10) to my ISP- Enet. Enet staffs […]