Nepal Banda and Power Cut

By Dinesh Wagle This is part of an article that appeared on today’s Op-Ed of the Kahtmandu Post. The other part is here. The complete article in PDF is here. In my five-month-long stay in Delhi, I almost missed two things in particular about Kathmandu. 1. Why no bandas here? 2. Why no power cuts? […]

Winter Flagbearers: Delhi Cold and JNU Food Festival

JNU holds its multi-national food festival in the midst of a Delhi winter that is not very cold Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal [This article originally appeared on the Op-Ed page of the Kathmandu Post today. See it here as it appeared on the paper.] The hottest news in Delhi is the absence of cold. […]

Hips do Lie! I am not Dancing in These Photos!

I know I am a horrible dancer. Actually it would be wrong to associate the word “dancer” referring positively in the same sentence that talks about me. I can’t dance, plain and simple. But I really wanna learn the art. What you see in these photos is not me dancing but just posing for the […]

Ear of Corn (aka Makai Ko Ghoga!)

The food price is rising worldwide making ghogas like these ever expensive. A VOA report titled ‘Corn-derived ethanol shares blame for food price hikes’ quotes John Ashworth of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, as saying that the ethanol industry’s reliance on corn has had some noticeable impact on food prices, especially meat. […]

The Krishna Dharabasi Autograph

So as we were chatting with Sharada Sharma I saw someone who almost looked like Krishna Dharabasi, the acclaimed writer of, among others, the novel Radha that I had bought an hour or so ago in the book fair in Bhrikutimandap (on Sunday, 11 May) before coming to Narahari Acharya residence.

Narahari Acharya’s Thanks Giving Meeting

Narahari Acharya, while giving me the Nepali Congress manifesto and his book about national restructuring, tries to show me something from the manifesto that was related to our conversation. Pics by Suraj Kunwar Sharada Sharma, the writer and wife of politician Narahari Acharya, had invited us (Suraj and I) at a small gathering of writers […]

In the Peopledom of Gorkha

Self-portrait. Dinesh Wagle The district of Gorkha, in my mind, was always a very remote place. That was before I went there last month (in the first week of March). I couldn’t go outside the district headquarter and trek in the villages. I found the district headquarters nice and beautiful. I had to trek for […]

The Spirit of the Karnali Highway!

Super Tired. Nearly Depleted. Almost Finished. There are some moments when you are tired and almost finished with whatever energy that you have got in your body. But the fact that there is still some work to do makes you go crazy. I was in that state when these photos were taken by David Geoffrion, […]

Early in the Morning: A Radio Interview and Blogs

Blogmandu: The story of Ratnapark and the debate of men on the street. Read in Nepali. ==== Thanks to the CA election I have started waking up early in the morning these days. (Be warned, waking up early is NOT my cup of tea. I rarely see morning tea actually.) It was 6:35 and I […]