3 and 0. That is, 30. A life that is THIRTY-year-old (or young?). Whatever. Thank you for encouraging me to post this entry.

6 thoughts on “30

  1. Masayo

    That’s why… I refrain from mentioning your Big B-day.

    Taipani chinnta nagara…you are now into
    “New Thirty”generation.
    ( Minus10=negative quantity) so it is OK to act just like


  2. Dean Moriarty

    ‘Hel-lo, you remember me- Dean Moriarty? I’ve come to ask you to show me how to write.’ – Dean Moriarty, On The Road.

    I was in the kitchen…7 minutes ago. I was reading On The Road, again. And when I came across the above mentioned line, again, I remembered you, again. I am sure it is gonna look a little absurd kinda comment…and the funny thing is I randomly chose this page of yours…and it’s good to know that we were born on the same month! I think i am getting deviated here now…the point I am trying to make is Can you show me how to write? And when I am asking you this I know what I am asking.

    I won’t be surprised to not to see this comment approved. Good night!


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