Talking About Life In An Evening

Yesterday, I spent my evening with a lady having coffee, lemon tea, and cookies and discussing about life. Though I try to be honest in these blogs, for the time being, I can’t reveal the name of the lady for some unknown reasons. Anyway, that was a good experience. She did the speaking and I tried to listen to her as attentively as possible. That was like a teacher talking to her student. Our conversation was centered on life, its existence and its purpose. Sounded like philosophy? Let it be. She was trying to say some thing and I was interested to know more about that. Some points, though not completely new, were kind of revealing. Yes. I think I should read more about that. After all, in this world of materialism, you need to learn something about spiritualism. We didn’t talk about our personal things. So that wasn’t a personal meeting but that wasn’t a public meeting for sure.

While returning from her residence, I encountered difficulties faced by the general public because of the Raja, maharajas. Some folks from the royal palace, I don’t exactly know who, were to attend a marriage party in Gyaneshwor. All the roads were cleared for them as if the road solely belonged to them, not to we the people. My cab was diverted to the opposite direction and I had to pay extra Rs. 70 for that. I felt so bad. Why the hell they capture the whole road for their travel? You have so much money that is “provided” by the state, why don’t you just fly a chopper? That way people can’t pelt stone on the convoys. They don’t have to suffer traffic jam and spend extra money.