Nar Phu Trek: Hunting Of Book Characters Begins: Day 4 of 16

Jenny with kids in Koto
Jenny is surrounded by curious children and a hotel operator woman in Koto who want to see the drawings by the Canadian artist

While their guitar gently sings
Matt was seen having jamming session with a guitar enthusiast in Chame

Koto: We are staying in a place called Koto, near Chame, the district headquarters of Manang. The better camping spot was already booked/occupied by another group. But we managed to find one at the end of the town toward Chame. I went Chame, visited government office area with Margriet and Brooke. This is an interesting place surrounded by huge hills from three sides. We also visited the Popular higher secondary school that was closed for Dashain holiday.

The Book

Today begins the hunting for the people featured in a book about Nar-Phu called Cloud Dwellers that was published some 25 years ago. Wanda had carried the book as when I saw that I instantly though about meeting the characters photographed in the book. She was also excited after hearing about this. Wanda came to the tent saying there were two boys from Nar who might be able to tell us more about the characters. They recognized almost all of the faces as if they were turning the pages of their family album.

Read about the meeting with those characters in this blog: Changing Life Of A Nepali Village: Story from Nar

4 thoughts on “Nar Phu Trek: Hunting Of Book Characters Begins: Day 4 of 16

  1. Rampritam

    Did’t you fall in love this time? No girls at all in your journey blog? How could it be? you noticed only waist of that lady. Common man share more. Girlfriend dekhi Dar lagyo ?


  2. WSJ

    Here are comments that were removed because of technology failure and were reposted:

    Hello Says:
    November 15, 2006

    Hey…y no new post yet?? M eager to read ur new post !!

    Blogle Says
    November 15, 2006

    Testai ta ho ni, reporters also get busy sometime. The diary was written instantly but I am not being able to give time to digitize the text. Life in Kathmandu is pretty much full of this activity and that activity. Plus, reporting garnai paryo, after all being a journalist means writing about one thing or the other in a day. I have posted two days’ diary today and I am hoping to post on a daily basis for the next five days. Thanks for your concern though!

    Comment Box Says
    November 15, 2006

    Two day’s diary? Where?

    Wagle Says
    November 15, 2006

    Right on the front page, just below the Hot Zone post. Day 10 and 11. They are posted today.



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