New Baneshwor Street and Girls

A journalist friend of mine (who works for a different newspaper) yesterday invited me for a Nepali movie screening for this afternoon. That wasn’t strange given the trend in Nepal that reporters covering movies in Kathmandu routinely work on behalf of film makers. They also help filmwallas with managing the press show and publicity. I shun the idea and I can’t even imagine me doing the same but can’t really say anything about others, can I? I happily accepted the invitation as I am trying to give more coverage of Nepali film industry these days in the newspaper I work for.

As I was about to go to the theater (again the same horrible Shivadarshan in New Baneshwor), Pawan Neupane of the Kathmandu Post came smiling.

“Wanna go for a movie?” I asked.
“A Nepali movie. It’s called Durga.”

Pawan frowned at me. Perhaps he wanted to punch on my face. What? Nepali film? His reply:

“Hyaa…janna ma Nepali film herna. [No, I will not go to see a Nepali film.]” Now Pawan, the darilwal Pawan Dev, started speaking about a few thousand things he had to do in the afternoon.

“Come on, jau na jau yar, may be you can write something out of it,” I insisted. After he realized I would not let him go Pawan was read to accompany me.

“But you have to sponsor my trip [to New Baneshwor and back to office],” he said as we got out of office in an ‘if-not-i-am-not-going’ tone.

“Okay,” I said. “We will leave the show in the middle and come back if the movie is too boring.”

As we were walking on the streets of New Baneshwor with BICC on our right, Pawan nearly stumbled upon a few girls several times. “Damn beautiful,” said my bearded partner. “Oh…yea,” I said. [Rest, when we return back from the theater!]

We saw a band jaba procession and Pawan commented: “Kati biha bhayeko ho!” Then we talked about the marriages of Rajaram Gautam in Kathmandu and Deepak Adhikari in Jhapa. “It’s the season of marriage.” But what we were seeing now was a strange “marriage” procession. The music was in full volume and some people were walking with the tune. They were not Jantis and there were no behula or behuli. They were carrying placards of the movie Durga that we were going to see. A new way of promoting the movie in town just before its release in Kathmandu!

We reached there and met the scribe who invited me. There was no sign that the screening would start on the given time. After a few hand shakes and exchange of smiles, we became increasingly bored. “Let’s enter the theater and see the movie for about 15 minutes,” I told Pawan. We waited for about another 15 minutes but saw no sign of the film being screened. “Lets go,” I said and we moved out.

“Wow,” Pawan’s eyes were not on the street but on a girl walking on the other side of the road. “So beautiful!”

“Where, where?” I asked.

“There. Not that beautiful but still…”

“Look at her,” I said pointing to another girl. “She is more beautiful.”

“Yes,” Pawan said.

“Too many beautiful girls around these days.”

“Exactly. Don’t know what has happened but I am also seeing too many beautiful girls. Look at her!”

Ha, ha. Enough with ‘beautifuls’. I was feeling dehydrated and wanted to drink sugarcane juice. “Want to have?” I asked. Why not?

We came back, safe and sound, to office. Job of writing stories was waiting for me.

13 thoughts on “New Baneshwor Street and Girls

  1. Comment Box

    Hmmm….sounds cool yar! Dubai darhiwalharuko kura milechha ni ta! (You have ali ali darhi hai in photo of this site). Ketiharu yasai ramra herne manchheko aakhama pani bhar parchha so Ragthage Jhyaureko aakha pani parakhi ta rahechha ni tyaso ta Kantipur padhda nai thaha hunchha, this blog is just another verification!


  2. Saral Nepal

    No offense intended but this particular piece was quite a disappointment. Whereas you do make an effort to write about your fancy and sometimes wishful thinking, albeit not quite so often, in global terms, the content of this write up looks like one would expect out of a diary of a “lofar” teen-ager in Kathmandu. Your oh-so-fantastic experience of staring at girls in the street reminds me of the numerous guys by the street-side with nothing else to do than pick on females walking by, minding their own business. I do hope a man of your calibre (and I do hope integrity too) resorted to such disgusting deed under the influence of either a bad company or because of adrenaline induced young mind, both of which are not excusable. Or, better even – pray, tell us that you were actually going somewhere with the story and was not done writing yet !!


  3. Ktmguyz

    A disappointing read here totally agree with Sarah on this one. So you saw beautiful girls in Baneshwor. Anything NEW? I had thought you had already found a beautiful girl to be drooling in the streets, I am surprised! Wasn’t it in March sometime where you talk of your girlfriend ( tried searching but found some amendments, or else was thinking it would be your marriage too this winter along with your friends!) there was much debate going on in your entry about wines and girlfriend in full swing.
    Tara ankha ho jata here ni ke bho ra? Kathmandu is full of beautiful girls. N which fool doesn’t have the eyes for that?!? Njoy life ,as you is your Style.


  4. Wagle :)

    To Comment Box:

    I also feel that your eyes are parakhi too as you seem to notice the mention of girls (only girls?) in my articles.

    To question bank:

    Your name reminded me of my SLC days when we used to religiously follow (and try to solve) the questions in the collection of questions called “Question Banks”. It wasn’t even the description of the whole day’s trip but the New Baneswor streets. And that’s it, nothing else.

    To Saral Nepal:

    I seen no reason for you to be disappointed (or be happy for that matter regarding articles or blogs that appear in WSJ). I don’t write articles to make people happy or feel bad. I write for myself, especially in this site, and thanks to Internet, a handful of people occasionally sneak in and read. No problem with that.

    I have mentioned in the article above that I told Pawan what I felt and we exchanged opinions about girls we saw on the street. I see nothing wrong in that. That is different than going in front of the girl, stopping her and trying to harass her. I can’t imagine doing so. I don’t even think about that. By reading your views one can conclude that it’s a crime just to say a girl is beautiful or ugly for that matter. Now don’t tell me you have never commented about a girl’s appearance or beauty with your friends in school or college.

    To Ktmguyz:

    Seems like people are closely following my pages, huh? You learn as you grow up, pal, and you move ahead with changing times. First, is it so that a committed man can’t even appreciate another girl’s beauty? Second, you must have guessed from the ‘amendment’ that you noticed that the situation has changed. On the one hand you say “Tara ankha ho jata here ni ke bho ra? Kathmandu is full of beautiful girls.” while on the other you found my article “disappointing.” Am I seeing a double standard here? No problem even if that is the case.

    To Raj Shrestha:

    Bro, I wouldn’t precisely say “din gajab le bite” as I didn’t even watch the movie and had to work like an ass in the evening with more than three stories to write and edit others. When I reached home it was almost 2 AM, the food was damn cold and there were some newspapers that I had to read. But hey this is the life I have chosen, the life of a reporter which is really really interesting, enjoyable. I love it and the freedom that comes along with this profession.


  5. kuro sidha cha

    To Wagle G: tapain ko entry bhanda ta comment nai badi revealing dekhiyo ni! amendments, changed scenario and Commited!! N Some life you have there Going home at Two! Hmmm Some read there, I meant the comment of course not the entry!


  6. Wagle :)

    To kuro sidha chha:

    You chose kuro sidha chha for your name but you tried to make kuro bango. The sequence should be: committed, changed scenario and amendments!

    Anyway, that’s not really important. The important thing is I am having fun in going theaters alone and watching movies like Salam e Ishq! The movie, I don’t know why I am writing this here, was kind of boring and at times emotional. After many shows, I realized yesterday that Kumari hall is slightly expensive than Jay Nepal. Rs. 140 for the Front Stall (Rs. 100 in Jay Nepal). But seat configuration is also different. Anyway, Burger, Coffee; in total it was quite expensive for that movie for sure.


  7. Munu

    I don’t write articles to make people happy or feel bad. I write for myself, especially in this site, and thanks to Internet, a handful of people occasionally sneak in and read .No problem with that.
    This senses a lot Dyness. What have you done?
    It’s not the gentleman’s way of opposing.Hadn’t ever expected lines as such from you.


  8. Munu

    Ho Dyness tickets are all costly. Tehi bhayera ta ma ekantipur win free ticket for SAlam e ishq ma sadai register garauchu. Tara khoi aja samma pareko chai chhaina.
    Sittaima film herna paune bela ma chai show rati rakchan, afai ticket katera film hernalai ma jasto ek suka kamai-dhamai nahune lai garo cha.Uff… aba ekantipur timrai sahara cha.


  9. kuro sidha cha

    oh ho Wagle G, again some more amendments! Hmm u have a complex changed scenario! but again look at ur own sentence which goes
    “First, is it so that a committed man can’t even appreciate another girl’s beauty? “
    indicates you are still a committed guy ( but of course the commitment to whom or what isn’t clear and that’s no issue I have any interest of making assumptions about ) though your amendment sentence comes after that. This is because here we are all talking of your RECENT New baneshwor Beautiful Girls experience not anything else. So I would say Kura Ajai Sidhai cha!

    Whatever the case, Kumari for Rs 140 thats what happens when ppl don’t heed their friend’t advice and wake up early and grab the Rs 70 tickets of the 8 o clock show in Kumari or the early morning show in Jai Nepal.. That way you can fit in your burger and Coffee menu in the one man show still and NJOY! But again if you have money to spend, the price ceases to matter. You opted for the costly tickets so why complain??!!

    And Munu’s “Gentleman’s Way of opposing lines” struck me! Gentleman!! ( maybe Dyness’s gentlemanly traits differs with whom he is dealing with, hoina ta? whatever make the Code of Conduct for a gentleman….though i think Gentlemen are out, bad boyz are In!


  10. Munu

    To kuro sidha cha
    Sorry that my lines struck you. Well, i just want to say that sth struck needs medical attention.
    Anyway.. let me make things clear here. By “Gentleman’s Way of opposing”, i dint mean in any way and in any sense that this guy Dyness is a gentleman.
    Moreover, I was stunned by his way of defending And i was asking Dyness to what is the readeer to make of a sentence like following.
    “I seen no reason for you to be disappointed (or be happy for that matter regarding articles or blogs that appear in WSJ). I don’t write articles to make people happy or feel bad. I write for myself, especially in this site, and thanks to Internet, a handful of people occasionally sneak in and read. No problem with that.”

    My dissatisfaction is with those lines And i feel that Dyness should be quick in saying sorry for little devil defence therein.


  11. Bijayaraj

    Hami pani ta baneswar tir khub hidchhau. Khoi aajsamma tyatisarho ramri sundariharu ekaichoti kahilyai dekhen. Abhagi nai pariyo-karmai khoto! TAr aash chahi mareko chhain-eutai matrale pani karke nazarle here pugthyo!



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