At Thare Pati After Tough Uphill [Helambu Trek Day 4 of 6] at Thare Pati. Inspecting the mountains

22 October [Thare Pati]: We started early but in the morning I was feeling slightly exhausted and feeble. I wasn’t able to walk properly; legs were going out of my control. They weren’t really holding me up. After walking down the hill trail for about two hours, we arrived at Melamchi Khola Bridge, crossed it and ate Rara noodles soup in a hotel just across the bridge. As I am writing these lines, we are waiting for rice that the hotel lady is preparing for us. We hope to reach Melamchi Gyang in 2.5 hours, by 12:30, and from there to Thare Pati by the evening. It’s all uphill and jungle from here (with the exception of Melamchi Gyang in the middle) to Thare Pati.

Well the lady charged us Rs. 150 for plain rice, dal and vegetable (we had hoped to be charged around Rs. 50).

We came to Melamchi Gyang relatively easily and after inspecting the monastery there we started the uphill eating Mars Bars that we had bought from the lady down in the Khola. That worked well but as we climbed up the sings of high altitude started showing in on Suraj. The man was singing and writing graffiti on the stones in the beginning. But he was quiet walked slow as we went up. He was reporting headache. I told him that that was the sign of high altitude and if it gets worse he will have to descend back to Melamch Gyang. Later he told me that he was frightened by my statement about the possible descend. “I came back from death,” he said after we came up to Thare Pati finally.

The view of mountains from Thare Pati wasn’t as spectacular as we had expected but it was a great relief to cross that jungle and the up hill. We stayed in a lodge whose owner (the host) was as cold as the environment. His wife was pregnant and he was doing the usual cooking/serving stuff which apparently had made him dissatisfied. I must note that staying in his hotel was the worst part in our entire trip.

You think he was really trying to jump from over there? No, Wagle poses for the camera at a suspension bridge near Melamchi Gyang! It’s straight up, up and up all the way to Thare Pati from here.

Yep, you got it right. That’s Wagle again. In front of the monastery in Melamchi Gyang.

Wagle plays with dogs, best friends of humans, in front of the Melamchi Gyang monastery.

Guess what! You are right. That’s Wagle taking off the lower parts of his trouser as the day gets hotter and the trail heads straight up.

From previous day’s journey:

Wagle meditating (kind of!) at Timbu danda

After the “meditation”! Enlightened!!!

Wagle inspects the Jungle and the hydro power plant near Kakani danda, on way to Tarke Gyang.

Wagle: tired and exhausted, inside the hotel room in Tarke Gyang.