Toy Train 4

Heitteri, I again lost another post because of iPhone’s hide n seek with the Airtel network. So I was writing two girls ( perhaps sisters or mom-daughter) are seared next to my seat on da left. They r sleeping. Their parents (or father n kaki-chachi) are behind them.

I was reading Daniel Lak’s India Experss. But wanted to see India by my own eye then reading Lak’s description and experience it. As I was photographing myself and the train this man asks for the book.

This this man is a Bengali, I guess, who is traveling with his family: wife, I am pretty sure and their daughter or son, I am finding it very hard to conclude. The bespectacled man with French cut beards looks like our Indian ambassador to Nepal Rakesh Sood.

The train is still moving.

To be contd…