Toy Train 4

Heitteri, I again lost another post because of iPhone’s hide n seek with the Airtel network. So I was writing two girls ( perhaps sisters or mom-daughter) are seared next to my seat on da left. They r sleeping. Their parents (or father n kaki-chachi) are behind them.

I was reading Daniel Lak’s India Experss. But wanted to see India by my own eye then reading Lak’s description and experience it. As I was photographing myself and the train this man asks for the book.

This this man is a Bengali, I guess, who is traveling with his family: wife, I am pretty sure and their daughter or son, I am finding it very hard to conclude. The bespectacled man with French cut beards looks like our Indian ambassador to Nepal Rakesh Sood.

The train is still moving.

To be contd…

Please post your thoughts. (कृपया तपाईंलाई लागेको लेख्नुस् ।)

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