Toy Train 5

Ok, so Mr. Rakesh Sood look-alike returns my book (sorry Lak, though u wrote the book, this paeticular copy lawfullly belongs to me!)

So the train is moving, slowly, tirelessly and contineously.

Some ppl have sneaked into the first class apartment! Shall I press the alarm switch? Hell with that. A while ago, even the the TT sneaked into here and stayed for a while even though he didn’t have anything to do.

I am starting to feel heat. We must have descended a lot. The Dazling chill will only remain in memory.

Talking abt the chill, I must say I defied that this morning. I continued with shower when the hot water in Alice Villa’s bathroom stopped flowing. It was cold but not that cold.

Please post your thoughts. (कृपया तपाईंलाई लागेको लेख्नुस् ।)

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