Ass ho!

india holi jnu chat festival

Riding a गधा (ass) is a part of JNU’s Chaat Festival (चाट सम्मेलन)

1 thought on “Ass ho!

  1. Zadexpress

    Poor donkey! Someone must be pulling the donkey’s tail here. The boys were kicking the donkey as though it were a football and laughing as though it were a joke! I simply don’t understand why we humans drag animals into our mess. I bet the animals weren’t enjoying the loud music cum kicks…Understandably there is no concept of ‘animal welfare’ in communism. Had it been there the students of the Communist Republic of JNU might have been more humane. And if any one of those donkey tail pullers of JNU does visit this page he (I only saw men doing so) might as well read this.



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