An Overnight Bus Journey to Mahendranagar from New Delhi


Bus ride- Delhi to Banbasa (India)/Mahendranagar (Nepal)

Seen inside a bus plying between Delhi to Banbasa (Indian town bordering with Nepal's Mahendranagar): "Emergency Exit". Seat for MP, MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) and Freedom Fighter.

This is clearly one of the most uncomfortable bus journeys that I have undertaken in recent times. I have to spread my legs to form a huge V so as to avoid rubbing my knees on the back of the seat in front of me.

The bus is filled with Nepalis who are returning to their homes to celebrate Dashain festival. Some of them told me that they work as security guards in Delhi. That was what I had expected when I asked them about their jobs in the Indian capital.

Uncomfortable it is but I am happy that I am finally making this trip to Mahendranagar (or is it Bhim Datt Nagar?) from Delhi a reality. I always wanted to travel with these migrant workers, my fellow citizens. This overnight journey that began from Anand Vihar bus terminal in Delhi will end at Banbasa tomorrow morning.

I am sharing this seat with two young guys from Mahendranagar. One of them says he spent three months in Delhi working at an office. He said he didn’t intend to return without completing his college education.

Many of my co-passengers were engaged in animated conversations until a while ago. “Ashtami ko din ghar pugine vaiyo” said the boy seated next to me.

Meanwhile a Nepali folk song is blaring somewhere at the back of the bus.

7 thoughts on “An Overnight Bus Journey to Mahendranagar from New Delhi

  1. Gokul

    I have traveled to Delhi from Kathmandu especially when the train tickets from Gorakhpur doesn’t get confirmed. I prefer this route[Kathmandu- Mahendranagar and from there to delhi] because it takes around 9hrs to reach Delhi’s Anand Bihar Bus terminal from Banbasa which is around 6-7Kms from Mahendranagar, otherwise from Gorakhpur it takes more than 24hrs to reach Delhi(by Bus).
    Traveling by bus in Nepal is much comfortable and faster compared to Indian Bus.


  2. Rajesh Pathak

    Dear Wagle Dai,

    Where I can find the collections of your articles published in the Natianl Daily of Nepal. Please state your article in your blog too. So that we can see your articles and study if we wish



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