Dadeldhura: after 12 years

Dadeldhura hills

Dadeldhura. Amarghadi hill.

This Dadeldhura looks more beautiful than the one I had seen in my first visit mote than a decade ago. The sight of dense jungle just below Tuphan Danda together with a glimpse of snow-capped mountain is inviting. And there are so many hills that are experiencing the last rays of the sun for the day as I am typing this. Times have changed. There was no mobile phone network here let alone the GPRS connection (which is frustratingly slow btw). The town, at this time of the day, was dusty as part of the road wasn’t blacktopped.

There are a few people in bazaar now as the town is in festive mood and peaceful. Many hotels are closed, luckily this one let me in though the guy apologized to tell me that they will not be serving food. The room is nice- attached bath, TV, two beds with large quilts AND great view. I think I’ll stay here tomorrow as well as buses won’t be plying on the day of Tika to take me to my next destination.

7 thoughts on “Dadeldhura: after 12 years

  1. barsha

    I have never been fond of traveling. But reading ur articles make me want to pack my bags and head east or west or north or anywhere!
    And I was wondering what u will be feeding on; since the hotel owner couldn’t serve u food. hehe…
    Happy Journey!


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