A car with two license plates. Spotted in Kathmandu

All the way from Jharkhand (JH), India to Kathmandu…with two identities…perhaps suitable for a society that is being engulfed by the rise of identity based politics. Spotted in downtown Kathmandu last week.

7 thoughts on “A car with two license plates. Spotted in Kathmandu

  1. Tajim

    You got it all wrong Mr. Wagle

    That vehicle isn’t registrations in Narayani Anchal.

    That green plate is a Temporary Number plate given to all Foreign vehicles that enter into Nepal for more than 15 days.

    In Na.Aa.Chai.

    NA. stands for Narayani which means that vehicle entered Nepal from Raxual border.
    Aa. stands for anchal
    and Chai. stands for Month of Chaitra.

    That vehicle has to return that number plate when it will return back to india after 15 days.

    If you are thinking that its an illegal activity, then it is not. Its rule of GOv. of nepal to have temporary license plate on each vehicle.


    1. Dinesh Wagle Post author

      LOL. I had absolutely no idea about that “Chai” thing! Thought that was some kind of weired mistake- instead of Cha. Thank you, Tajim, for pointing out that to me. I’ll correct that in a while.

      No, I didn’t think that was illegal. I just found that interesting enough to take a photo 🙂


    2. subin

      Hi Tajim,

      Im planning for a road trip tp Nepal. Can you please help me with this info.

      1, How to get Vehicle Entry Permission to Nepal from India.
      2, What will be the entry charges per day for CAR and Bike .
      3 , What is the duration Limit for these entry.

      Thank you


  2. Rabindra

    कि परेर जानिन्छ, कि पढेर जानिन्छ । यो नयाँ कुरा थाहा भो ! Thanx to Mr. Tajim and Mr. Wagle !



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