Kathmandu-Kakani-Jhor Wilderness (77 photos) #Nepal #Hiking #Nature

Running in front of the ruins: Soon after we entered the Shivapuri national park we saw broken buildings that belonged to the national park. Beautiful and peaceful place. A Kafal tree was nearby. We climbed and ate berries to our hearts content. Ainselu (raspberry) bushes were plenty in the area. We tasted them too. That is why it took us about three hours to cover the distance of 8 kilometers.

Last Saturday we went for a hiking trip to Kakani and Shivapuri area. The team included me and two of my colleagues- Suraj Kunwar and Aashis Luitel. We began the overnight journey from Balaju on the rooftop of a bus that took us to a place a couple of kilometers away from Kakani. We got off there and walked for about half an hour to reach Kakani, a popular picnic destination for Kathmanduits.

Beautiful view of part of Kathmandu valley was hallmark of the evening. We stayed in a Nepal Scouts guest house attached to the Nagarjun-Shivapuri national park. In the morning (Sunday) we decided to take a walk- about 14 kilometers in total- that went mostly through the dense forest. We arrived at Jhor Mahankal village in the afternoon to catch a bus for the city.  Here are photos from the trip. [Plus: हामी सबै यात्री]