म साँझको पाहुना

“त्यै सरको अोछ्यानमा सुत्नेभए पाइन्छ,” उनले भनिन् । त्यो सुन्दा म साह्रै ढुक्क भएको थिएँ । त्यसअघि थुप्रैबाट मैले निराशाजनक जवाफ पाएको थिएँ । तैपनि झिनो अाशा राखेर मैले उनलाई सोधेको थिएँ, “वास पाइन्छ तपाईकहाँ ?” हालैको एक सप्ताहन्त म जापानले बनाइदिएको बन्दिलो साँघुरी राजमार्गमा केही समय दौडिएर दिन ढल्किनै लाग्दा मास्तिर उक्लिएको थिएँ । […]

Thanks to the IMEI number, I got my phone back

Keep your phone’s IMEI number safe. That could help you find your lost phone. Five months ago I lost my dual SIM Android phone while traveling to Biratnagar from Ilam. I mourned the loss but continued my normal business with my other phone. But I wanted to get the phone back. And, a month ago I […]

Chitlang revisited

27/28 April: A hike up to Chitlang over the weekend. Passed through this village back in 5/6 May 2010 with Suraj on his motorbike. The Maoists, still angry with President Yadav and Prime Minister Nepal almost a year after their exit from the government, had imposed an indefinite country-wide general strike with lofty aims of correcting the […]

Jaleshwar, Mahottari

24 June 2013: Journalists have the best office building in Jaleshwar, headquarters of Mahottari district. Mahottari chapter of the Federation of Nepali Journalists constructed their office building on land provided by the district administration office last year. President Yadav inaugurated the building. Rest of the office buildings in this town look utterly depressing (the Municipality Office building […]

malangawa, sarlahi streets on a rainy day

21 June: My impression of Malangawa where I am now for the first time? Very basic bazaar. Feels like nothing here is in good shape. But that’s when you are frustrated. Feel good and you start realizing that the place is normal, like any other district headquarters that have unpaved roads, dilapidated buildings and dirty […]

Soviet and Saudi Aid to Nepal’s Development

20/21 June: Any talk about development aid can spark a huge and passionate debate about pros, cons of the aid and if and how it should be delivered. In an aid-dependent country like Nepal mechanism through which the aid money is disbursed and delivered matters a lot. This can make or break a society. Or, make some people […]

The God. Whose God?

Many Hindus actively practice, promote and protect untouchability, the caste-based discrimination. There are several layers of untouchability in Hindu society but the most visible is the one against the Dalits (collectively those who are at the lower levels of the caste hierarchy) by the non-Dalits (collectively those who are at the higher strata). Untouchability exists among Dalits […]

Janakpur: ‘परित्यक्त’ शहरमा एउटा ‘राजकीय’ यात्रा

१९/२० जून, २०१३:  हामी जानकी मन्दिरमा पुगेका के थियौं ‘राजा’ अर्को ढोकाबाट निस्किहाले । हराउदै गएको साइरनको अावाजबाट मन्दिर परिसरमा उभिएका हामी पक्का भयौं ज्ञानेन्द्र होटल फर्किए । मन्दिर लगभग खाली थियो । तर संयोगै भनुम् हामी त्यही होटलमा बसेका थियौं जहाँ पूर्व राजाले रात विताउनेवाला थिए । सानो भिड थियो होटल मानकीमा । केही समर्थकहरू […]